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Quick tips for New Years Eve

Happy Holidays, men!  Here’s that other review from Chicago… 

1 on 1 Review of Jake P. in Chicago:

I want to start off by saying that this is my second 1 on 1 coaching with Jake, and all I can say is that I am so upset with myself that I WAITED THIS LONG TO DO ANOTHER ONE. If you are a guy that is unhappy with his dating/sex life, who is spending a lot of the time reading more and more information on pick up, like I was for the past few months; then let this be the last thing you read before you take immediate action and get a training with Jake.

When it comes to “pick up”, Jake is not some guy who is able to recite some theory to students that he read in some dating ebook. He truly has lived and continues to live the pick up lifestyle. I would say that he has probably been through every single scenario that you can think of when it comes to picking up women, whether it’s cold approach, social circle, texting, etc…..you get the idea. AND because of this he is able to talk to you for an hour, figure out what the deal is with you, and then customize the 1 on 1 specifically to what will work best for you. Honest to God, he does this so fast, it amazes me, but he has put the time and work in for years now to be GREAT at this. I know it’s not like I’ve known Jake for years, or I have seen Jake in all these scenarios (except for my two 1 on 1 trainings), but trust me, if you take a training with Jake (which I believe everyone should) and see him for a full night out and have him coach you, you will get what I am talking about.

I was fortunate enough to get him out to Chicago on Saturday for a 1 on 1 training. Both times we started out by getting a bite to eat. At dinner we talk a bit of theory, and he gets a feel for where I’m at in my game. Honestly, he was able to pin point what was specifically going on with me, and why things have been going how they’ve been for the last… however many months. Then he structured the night to work on the issues that were specifically hurting MY game, not just some general bullshit.

So we head to the first bar in a cab, and right off the bat, Jake is just a super cool and nice dude and just made me feel comfortable; like I had known him for years and he is just one of my buddies. He was also able to critique my fashion very quick, and the information was quite insightful; I plan on getting a fashion make over the next time I do training with him. We get to the first bar, and it’s not that crowded. Though here Jake explained to me that he usually likes to do a lap around the bar quick, this sort of let’s the people in the bar see you and “take you in” (this might just be for slower bars). We go to get a drink and right away Jake demonstrated something for me. There was a group of women, Jake stood nice and tall in front of them, and said “geez, out of my way lady”. (with a sort of stern face). But he didn’t just say these words with a mean face, like he was actually pissed. There were mannerisms he does, and then also calibrates it with a quick smile shortly after to show the girl that he was joking around, and not just being a dick.

Jake calls this a “ping”, and what it does is it gets you in a talkative state (warmed up), let’s the girl know that your vibe is fun and playful, and in busier bars you can easily double your approaches with just six words!! Why make things harder on yourself, it’s not necessary to do this. Another demo that he did that I want to highlight is when he did his “Trading Hair” opener. This one was great for me to see because I got to see exactly how a pro does an approach with a “scripted” opener. In this demonstration I got to see exactly how someone is supposed to touch on the initial approach, his positioning/body language, voice tone, etc…It was very beneficial because now I will be able to picture it in my mind when I am using “scripted” openers AND hopefully I will be able to mirror what he does because of this memory.

The next bar we went to was a pretty loud bar, where there was A LOT of dancing going on. Now I usually don’t go to these types of bars, so we didn’t stay very long at this bar. However, there was still some theory he wanted to give me for these loud/dancey type bars. Essentially with these bars, you have to go in with HIGH energy on the dance floor, and you have to act quick in order to pull the girls off the dance floor to isolate. Main lesson is to be able to go in with high energy, or most, if not all of the time, girls will not really even give you the time of day. Next is Jake’s belief/ theory, whatever you want to call it, of putting yourself in the absolute busiest spot in the bar. I’m talking the place that most people want to avoid, where people are bumping into you and spilling shit. This is where you can really utilize Jake’s “pinging” strategy. I’ll get into this more next. But basically that is it with that bar, we didn’t do much gaming, just mainly some theory for those environments.

Again, we are moving to the next bar, and in this cab is where Jake really motivated me. At the previous bars, I was still kind of playing it safe and not really pushing myself. Jake told me in the cab that more or less “play time” is over. He said he would feel extremely bad if I did not push myself and if I did not give it my all because I would not really be able to learn from it then. He gave me an “assignment” for the next bar, and that is to talk to ANY/EVERYBODY. Become the guy who talks to everyone, who just likes to talk to people and socialize, who is overall just a fun guy who gives off that presence/vibe with others. I believe that when you become this type of person, this will put you over the edge when it comes to pick up, at least I feel this way about myself and my own game. I think more than anything I learned, I want to learn this and be able to mirror Jake’s presence, because his presence alone can get him hot women. I’ve seen it!! At the next bar Jake just sort of followed me, pushing me to use his “pinging” strategy in the busiest spots of the bar. AND GUESS WHAT, I DID IT. They didn’t all go great, but on to the next one. With this strategy, you are literally able to double your approaches, with fewer words, and less effort. Sounds good to me.

There was more to the night after this, but I think I covered the most important parts of the night. Jake preaches that you want to be THE SOCIAL GUY at the bar, and I am now a huge believer in this because I saw it first hand, and how it works so well for Jake. He walks the walk when it comes to this. When I picture the most popular guy at the bar; the guy who has women coming to him, guys wanting to talk to him because he gives off SO MUCH VALUE to every person he encounters; I picture Jake. TALK TO EVERYONE is something that struck me the most, and I am actually going to write myself a note to remember this because I believe it is invaluable to be this type of guy now. Jake was preaching this to me the entire night. For me, this is what/who I want to become because Jake is this type of guy, and he is probably (in my opinion) one of the best in the game. So why not use him as my role model, ya know? The last thing I want to share is an example of Jake being the “social guy”, which popped for me toward the end of the night. Throughout the whole night Jake LITERALLY talked to every person he saw. Our waiter, people who were smoking, people walking by on the street; guys….girls….everyone—no exaggeration. So we’re walking on the street, and we’re trying to figure out the name of this after hours bar Jake was at the night before. He’s asking every person he sees, no one really knew what it was, some people were friendly, some people were rude, it didn’t affect Jake whatsoever. By this time of the night Jake was so warmed up from talking to so many people, none of this really mattered to him, he WAS JUST HAVING FUN. The last group he asked happened to be these three hot ass girls who were probably 22 years old. Initially one girl tried accusing him of just trying to fuck them, and Jake shut that down right away. He called her on it instantly, saying something along the lines of “Geez, you know, not everyone is out to fuck you”, at this point the girl was so fucking submissive to him, the other two girls had no other choice but to fall in line as well. Two minutes into the conversation Jake had these girls gazing at him, and just eating at the palm of his hand. It was amazing to see, especially since the way he opened, just by asking if they knew the name of a bar. Jake was just having fun meeting people, socializing, seeing what adventures he was going to get into, and that’s what struck me most about his game. His game is almost “non-gamey” if that makes sense…he essentially makes the girls he interacts think that he has absolutely no interest in fucking them, and this in turn “disarms” their slut defense, and they open up and become more comfortable with Jake. Case and point with the three hot 22 year olds, I think two of them (the way hotter ones in my opinion) asked him for his number and were texting him an hour later. After the “disarming”, he then is able to turn things more sexual/intimate with the women. He may not agree, but that’s at least how I viewed it.

He made me realize that I had a lot of self defeating thoughts of myself going on in my mind, like I can’t do it. But throughout the night, he made me realize that a lot of it was in my head, and that I CAN DO IT. He even told me this, he saw me do it on my own quite a bit throughout the night, and he pointed it out to me. It was nice for a pro to point it out because it was my “AHA” moment, it especially is nice to hear it from a pro, and it’s not me second guessing myself if I’m on my own. I trust his feedback, and when it’s good feedback, I’ll definitely take it!! Overall, like I said before, Jake is just a good dude, who really cares about his students, and wants to make sure they see results, or at the very least are getting their moneys worth throughout the night of training. I like to think that I am a guy who can see through someone’s bullshit, and Jake being nice wasn’t just him being nice to me just to “squeeze” training from me again. He GENUINELY cared about helping me, and to me that is a priceless attribute to a coach.

It’s worth the money to train with Jake. If you’re going to spend your money on training, why not train with the best? And I believe that Jake is one of, if not THE BEST out there.


Thanks for the Review, man!  Looking forward to the future for you… 

Now for the NYE strategy.  New Years Eve is a super weird day to be out and about, and over the years I’ve found that it’s often amateur night when it comes to drinking, so my first tip about New Years to remember is DON’T GET TOO DRUNK!  This seems obvious, but the reality is that since such a huge percentage of guys are completely blasted drunk, being the sober guy who nurses two beers throughout the night and has his head about him at 2am when it’s pulling time is a great boost to your potential for the night.  

The second tip I’ve got for NYE is to supply the party and the energy.  Nothing is worse than having a bunch of people around in low state waiting patiently for the clock to strike, only to “call it a night” early because it’s so fucking boring.  So if you’re in a place that happens to be a bit drab, turn to your buddy, give him a high-five, put a big smile on your face, and yell WOOHOO!  I literally did this one of my first years in Hollywood and my friend and I took home the only three girls in the bar that we were in.  So bring the energy!  Be the source of happiness and fun for those around you.  When you can raise the states of others, people will be attracted to your energy level.  

The third tip I’ve got for you is to watch who people interact with before approaching.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to be in clubs for new years, including lots and lots of couples who normally don’t go out.  This means that tons of the women out will have a ring on their finger or a boyfriend close by.  So take a quick look for a ring or a guy, and when in doubt, APPROACH!  

My go-to line when I end up in a situation with a possible couple is always “You guys look like a cute couple, how long have you been together?”  Damn what a great thing to say!  It disarms the man because how can he possibly be mad or defensive of you when you believe that the woman is his, and you demonstrate your belief by vocalizing it in a social way.  Soooo good.  The other thing that often happens is that the women will say some version of “Oh we’re not a couple” or “Oh I’m not with him.” Wow, what better way to outgame a guy then to induce the girl he’s with to vocalize that she doesn’t like him.  Now he’s beaten down a bit and you look like a stud.  Nice work!  And if the two above scenarios don’t happen, it should be pretty easy to figure out if the two are actually a couple or not.  And you haven’t even put yourself out there for a rejection.  

My fourth and final tip for New Years Eve is that you’ve got a free pass to basically kiss like any girl when midnight comes (duh).  Simply look for a woman who isn’t already making out with a guy, give her the most sultry eye contact you can give her, stick your hand out to pull her close, and say “Well hello there…”  as you pull her into you.  Yes, it’s ballsy, but at midnight if you wanna get kissed you literally have like a 3 minute window of opportunity if you haven’t found a girl yet to makeout with when the clock strikes.  Sure you can still get a girl later, I’m just talking about an all or nothing approach to bring in the new year the right way.  Just fucking go for it!  The worst that happens is you get denied and try 5 more times immediately.  And trust me, someone is gonna makeout with you because nobody wants to spend those few minutes dry-lipped.  

Another note on hooking up for New Years Eve.  Consider showing up to wherever you’re going early, like early enough that it’s not crazy yet and people are still sober.  Doing your approaches at the beginning of the night can go a very long ways towards creating credibility later that you can cash in on later in the evening when she’s had a few more drinks and she’s a bit more in the mood.  We all know how rough it can be trying to convince an already drunk girl that we don’t want to have sex with her when she’s already been hit on like 86 times that night.  

So good luck men!  And let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!   Enjoy.

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