The SECRET SCREENING MECHANISM that women don't want you to know! Beat them at their own game.

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The way women screen out a man is to act dominant towards that man and then ...
see how he handles it. If you can be dominant in these situations you will be attractive, and at the very least you will be respected.

I recommend practicing these "dominance struggle" conversations by initiating the dominance struggle inside of a role-play. In this manner you can be in the highly dominant position of knowing what's coming and being both practiced and ready for that conversation.

Learn this and you're king. Learn it not, and your relationships will suffer your whole life. Either way you will be dealing with dominance struggles your whole life, both in your personal relationship with the woman of your choice, and with others.

Dominance is NOT domineering, aggressive, toxic male behavior. Dominance can and should be reasonable, prudent, and caring in nature.

Assholes get women because they achieve dominance through abusive, mis-calibrated means, and they often do so in front of others. Not cool.

Cheers all and I'm happy to address questions and comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!


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ALL RELATIONSHIPS can only go one of THESE 4 waysโ€ฆ

We all create feelings in our partners via our eagerness and willingness verbally with them, as well as our eagerness or willingness with our actions. Pairing our words and ...actions is often transparent and creates a value discrepancy between people (you become under qualified or overqualified), while mismatching our verbal eagerness and our actions creates confusion, interest, and often is the best road to take towards perpetuating initial interest into an emotional connection and a further relationship.

In this video I discuss these โ€œFour Relationship Conditions.โ€ They are to become overqualified, under qualified, to string the other person along, or to have relationship potential.


If you are eager with both your words and actions, you create a condition where the other person feels you are under qualified for them.

If you are not eager with words or actions, you create a condition where the other person feels under qualified to date you.

If you are eager with your words but not your actions, you string the other person along.

And finallyโ€ฆ

If you are not eager with your words and you are willing with your actions, you create a confusing condition where the other person has to look for evidence that you like them. I call this condition having โ€œboyfriend potential.โ€ In other words, you become a great candidate for continuing dating and possibly a longer term relationship.

In different circumstances, I might recommend using any of these 4 conditions as a means to an end or a solution to a dating problem.

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