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Today’s Student Review

I got an email from a student a few months ago as a review, and I somehow managed to forget to post it, so here it is for you guys.  When I teach students, I always tell them that if they would like to review me that they should be totally honest, putting both the good and the bad into my reviews.  Here’s the student’s email to me, unedited:


I am writing this email to thank you for your help and assistance in my endeavors in improving myself. I wanted to write this so you can share this on your blog site for any other guys interested in your coaching.
Here goes:

I have been in a relationship with my new girlfriend for over a year. I was able to cold approach her over a year ago because of the coaching I received from Jake which was invaluable. He and I had several phone sessions prior to me flying out to LA and having a one on one weekend training session. If any of you guys are on the fence about coaching you should jump right off the fence. It’s invaluable. Nothing beats the “hands on” approach Jake has. Your game will literally elevate to a whole new level. Jake is extremely intelligent and insightful and has dedicated his life to learning and more importantly teaching pick up students. He is absolutely concise in his breakdown of one’s game and will give you immediate, meaningful, impactful feedback.
The reason I’m writing this email is to also state that in the pick up community we ‘learn’ how to meet and pick up women. What is harder is keeping them and that’s where my recent coaching sessions with Jake has helped me. After I started dating My girlfriend I didn’t really need anymore coaching (or that’s what I thought). Here I had a great woman who was smart, hot, beautiful, young, successful ( former Miss Florida runner up, lawyer,etc). However, I was having conflicts with her which at first I thought were just her. But I realized my behavior with her must have been off. I needed help or I would potentially sabotage this relationship. I reached out to Jake and had three phone sessions. He helped identify that I was becoming a Beta male, complying to my girlfriend and not getting compliance back from her and her losing interest in me because there was no challenge for her. I implemented things Jake told me and I have already noticed a huge change in my relationship. So if there are any guys out there who are beginners definitely use Jake as a resource. If there are guys who are also in relationships and need to improve it I think Jake would be a tremendous asset.

PS. Jake could you write a post about dominance struggle and tests by women in relationships and how to handle them? Also how to have the woman seek your compliance once in a relationship?  Thanks again


Thanks for the review!  It’s funny to me the things that I hear students repeat over and over about me.  The main things that I hear are that i’m pragmatic and insightful, and i’m very happy to hear that, because I love to exercise the power of my mind and my unique experience to give my students the best possible advice they could possibly receive from anyone, anywhere.  That’s always my goal.  

As for your questions, I do have a couple posts about dominance struggles that I wrote.  You can find them on the right side of my blog under most popular posts.  Since i’ve written them, my theory and mindset about dominance struggles has matured quite a bit, and i’ve included many “updates” to that theory in my upcoming texting e-book.  The reality is that the dominance struggles each guy is presented with are different, and they depend on the character flaw that the woman might see in you.  As you can imagine, there are so many of these it would be impossible to list them all, so the best thing we can do is try and recognize a pattern in what women test us on so that we can try to ascertain if that pattern is associated with something in our behavior or character that we need to change or modify.  Once we have “fixed” these character flaws that are obvious to others, magically women appear in greater and greater numbers in our lives.  

As for women seeking compliance once in a relationship, well I wouldn’t worry about that at all.  EVERY woman in a relationship will work very hard to get all the compliance she can possibly get no matter what.  The more important question is how to slow the process of giving her compliance in order to deepen her attraction for you. Now that’s a question worth digging into.  There are numerous ways to tackle it, but generally the plan is to give compliance out slowly and make her work for each little bit she gets.  We value small bits of compliance from people we see as having high value much more than tons of compliance we receive freely from low value people.  So simultaneously our goal should be to raise our own value so that others seek compliance from us, while lowering the amount of compliance we give others and selectively giving that compliance in a slow, metered manner to those we deem to have the value we ourselves seek.  

Well that’s it for today, I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday season.  I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks surrounded by college women half my age, so I can assure you my holiday season is going to shape up quite nicely!  Until next time…

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