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Another Great Review

Review of Coaching Session with Jake P.

What struck me the most about Jake was how much he listened to what I had to say and how genuinely interested he was in hearing my story. He was not just clocking in, and I could feel that his heart was actually in this. He would ask sharp, insightful questions that dug into the core of whatever issue was being discussed. I found him very intuitive, like he understood what I was trying to convey and had either been there or heard it before. In short, the guy is a teacher, a good one.

Being skilled at something is one thing, but being able to teach it? That can be a whole other story. He coached me on the way I carried myself, and gave me some pointers that really resonated with me. Simple things for sure, like “hold your head up higher”, or “keep one hand free so you can talk with it”, and “hold your drink this way” but they made a difference. The sprinkler thing is pretty cool. I ain’t giving that one away; you’ll have to ask the guy. 

They are things that I have now implemented into my life. He helped me look at some beliefs I had in a new way, showing them to be irrational. Probably the most useful thing he helped me with was identifying four fundamental areas that I needed to work on. Instead of being flooded with details, he was able to distill my behavior that night and give me some solid, actionable advice. All in all, I learned quite a bit, even from just watching him interact with other people. I noticed how cheerful he was and how he treated everybody there with respect and the same attention that he was showing me as a student.

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