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Change Her Instantly!

I think there are times for all of us when we wish we could change the responses we get from women.  We get in a fight with a woman or have a tough experience and instantly we think “What the hell!?!  Why couldn’t she just do ______???”  But did you know that it’s possible to change what she says and does, how she treats you even?  Did you know that you can make it happen RIGHT NOW with INSTANT results?  I’m here to tell you today that not only can she change, but you can be the one to instigate it, and you CAN make it happen without ever having to go through some painful talk, some crazy technique, or anything super hard…

Today while checking my Facebook I came across a picture of a friend who I had recently helped out with his long-term girlfriend.  She was about to leave him, kicked him out, and he was heartbroken and in the middle of a breakup.  I told him that if he did everything that I told him to, the exact way I told him to, that I could save his relationship.  If you haven’t yet read about what I did yet, it’s in a post I wrote titled “The Emergency AHHH!  I’m Losing her plan.”

I’m happy to report today that the plan worked wonderfully and the picture I saw was of him and her getting married in Vegas!  Congratulations man!  Another success story.

By my friend giving his phone to me, he was able to instantly change “his” behavior (it was me texting for him) and he got an instant change in behavior from the woman he was with.  The lesson here is that the very instant you change your behavior, actions, and energy, you will immediately be met with a different behavior from anyone around you, including your woman or women.  Yes, after I gave him back his phone it took some time for him to change himself, but with an open mind and proper training he was able to achieve the result he so desired.  He got the girl.

Thanks for reading.

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