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Please! Keep Being a Hater

About a month or two ago, I was out at a bar I haven’t been to in a long time, and a certain bartender caught my eye there.  I made my way to the bar to order from her, and when I got my drink, it tasted terrible …

This was a great opportunity to talk with her more!  I took the drink back, told her that the limes were bad, and showed some playful disapproval of her while not being a dick about my drink.  She went into the back, cut me some fresh limes, and remade my drink.  When I got my drink back, we exchanged 10 more seconds of conversation about the drink, had some eye contact, and then with my flirting over I headed back to my group.  I never said another word to her that night.

A couple weeks pass and I decided to stop into the bar with a couple friends one night (a guy and a girl).  I had had a few drinks and was feeling social.  We were all having a great time on a slow night (maybe 10 other people in the bar), and of course I was doing some flirting again with the bartender.  When I asked for my check, she got it, came back over to me, and then wrote her number down on my receipt and said to call her.  Sweet.

Now that we’re pretty cool and comfortable with each other, she has started letting me in on some information that i’ve heard before, and I thought that i’d share this information with you today.  The information is about another bartender who works across the street who she’s friends with.  She told me that before we had slept together he had told her to “watch out” for me because “he’ll have you wrapped around his finger in no time.”  Nice work Captain Save-A-Ho, you just got me laid!  Thanks.

Let me tell you how this is a terrible strategy for him to get laid with this girl.

This dude’s conventional nice guy wisdom states “I’m a great guy, and if women just new how nice I would be to them and how good I would treat them, then they would like me.  Instead, they always end up with assholes and I don’t know why.  However, i’m not an asshole, so i’m going to try and “save” her from that terrible experience that she’s going to have, that way she’ll know i’m a better option for her than he is and she’ll like me.”

The problem is that we all know that women love what this guy calls “an asshole.”  The bigger problem is that this guy just doesn’t know how to attract a woman in the first place and that’s why he’s friends with them all the time and trying to turn that into sex.  It’s an uphill battle.

For instructional purposes, let me describe to you the personal qualities that cause a nice guy call another guy an asshole, and why that makes assholes super desirable to women.

First off, the “asshole” is a high-value guy.  That means that he hangs out and has visible fun hanging out with other high-value people.  When low value people talk to him, he’s cordial and nice to them, but when it comes down to it, he won’t spend much time at all with them because by nature they don’t know how to have the same type of fun he has…  High value fun.  This means that when a value-stealer type of person talks to a high value person, often when he won’t hangout with them and spend time with him, the lower value person feels like the person is stuck up.  The way the nice guy feels after this experience is like the high-value person isn’t “nice,” which makes them an asshole.  The reality is that the low value person just sucks and isn’t cool.  The lesson:  make the effort to be a cool guy and hangout with other people who bring your value up until you’re the person giving everyone else value because you’re at the top.

The second reason nice guys think other guys are assholes is because of the way they “treat” the girl they’re with.  Among other dominant qualities, high value guys don’t take shit from women.  If the woman is doing something dumb or pissing him off, he’ll take action (up to and including just leaving her) because he has other options and holds himself in high enough esteem that he just won’t tolerate what he deems as bad behavior from a woman.  Think about it, if you could bang most any of the hot girls you wanted and your current girlfriend was pissing you off, would you tell her?  Yes!  You’d let her know immediately that you didn’t approve of her behavior and it would be implicitly understood that there would be consequences if she didn’t change her behavior.  To me this is called establishing a healthy boundary in a relationship.  To a nice guy, this looks like being a dick.  Yes, sometimes a guy can establish boundaries and be a real dickhead at the same time when he’s an uncalibrated guy, but you don’t have to.  However, nice guys don’t discriminate between the two types of guys because they’re not socially astute enough to do so, so this means all guys who do this are dicks and assholes.

That’s pretty much it.  Pretty basic, but they cover the most of it.

The problem is that women are more acutely aware of social value, stereotypes, REAL assholes etc. than nice guys could ever dream of being.  Women are also very aware of when a guy is trying to fuck them by just being a great friend or whatever.  Women are so aware, in fact, that they can EASILY sniff through a bullshit attempt to frame a cool guy as an asshole.

Here’s what the woman does:  She meets the guy, thinks he’s cool, asks around about him, finds out from a guy he’s an “asshole,” then decides for herself.

She adds up all the information available to her.  If the guy turns out cool and she likes him, then the statement about how he’s an asshole just turns into how the guy who said it is jealous of the cool guy, which is normally the truth.  This makes the asshole the coolest guy in the world, because other guys not only are jealous, but are so jealous that they concoct elaborate (but really simple minded) schemes to make them look bad, when instead they should just play the game to win and work on making themselves more cool than they currently are.  But it’s easier to just be lazy and complain a lot, so thats what they’ll continue to do… forever.

Enter, me.

When the girl tells me this information about this guy, I know exactly who this guy is because i’ve stolen what he thinks was his pussy from his weak ass several times before.  Haha.  Since the girl told me that he said i’d have her “eating out of my hand,” I frame it like he thinks she doesn’t have the ability to think for herself and make her own decisions.  I told her “haha, that’s funny.  You’ll be totally powerless against my undeniable charm and wit!  What, does he think you don’t make your own decisions or something???  He must think you’re an idiot.  Thanks for the compliment, right?”  I didn’t have to say much after that, because this dude just became our inside joke!  Thanks moron!  Now we make jokes about it all the time.  We’ll have amazing sex or a really fun time and she’ll be like “I guess you’ve got me eating out of your hand, I should watch out.”  Now i’m the dangerous guy too.  Sweet.

Those jokes happened over the course of like a week, then finally I was like “Oh god, okay enough of that.  I don’t wanna be thinking about that dude every time we have an amazing time together, you’re gonna have to quit it, gross!”  And now he’s gone forever… a forgotten fart in the wind.

The end result:  I’ll keep having amazing sex with this girl (btw while writing this she sent me a picture of her tits directly to my phone), and this guy will keep being a retard.

That’s about it for today, but my assignment to you anyone reading is simple.  Please keep doing dumb shit like this and acting like morons because I really enjoy the lifestyle i’ve got.  Please keep putting off learning pickup and making yourself better and instead choose the easy, lazy road.  It’s too tough to learn pickup and all that stuff anyway… and it could take years.  Instead I think it’s best for you to sit back, have a seat at the bar, order yourself a beer, and maybe have a conversation with your neighboring loser about how i’m an asshole.  You were sooooo close to getting it to work last time!  Really you were, I promise.

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