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Multiple Income Streams of Women

Many guys who are learning dating are simply at a place where they’d like to start having sexual experiences with as many women as they possibly can.  For most guys this is a stage that I hope they’ll pass through eventually, but I get it, they want to “sow their wild oats” as my parents would say.  And obviously, people have been sowing their wild oats probably since the beginning of time.  If you’re a guy in this stage just trying to rack up some numbers, i’ve got some advice for you to help you maximize the amount of women in your life right now, so that hopefully later you grow mature enough not to want to bang the world anymore.

Many guys who are learning to get laid simply go out a ton, hit on chicks, and then hope to bang some of them.  This is one method to get laid, or one “income stream” as I like to call it.  In my opinion, the better way to fill your life up with women (and keep it filled thereafter) is to have multiple income streams of women in your life.  So instead of having just one method to get laid and one source for women (bars, malls, wherever you like to meet women), we have many instead.

Why do I call them income streams?  Because having women enter your life is somewhat analogous to having money enter your life.  Successful businessmen don’t just have a job they go to to make money, they also make money in other ways, like investing in stocks, starting multiple businesses, or having passive income.  In this manner, they can have money enter their life from several different sources.  Successful men do the same thing, although with women.  How, you ask?  Well the sources are as follows:

1.  “Sarging” – Duh.  Yes, hitting on one woman after the other is an income stream and it can be a big one.  However, if you’re only sarging then in my opinion you’re not only limiting yourself to the amount of women you’ll have, but also the amount of balance you can have in your personal lifestyle.  Let’s face it, sarging isn’t exactly the most normal of behaviors to engage in, so in my opinion when you limit your social activity to include only sarging with buddies, you unknowingly can socialize yourself in a negative way.  Saying this a different way, make sure you keep spending time with friends who aren’t in the dating community, it’ll keep you somewhat normal amidst your new entirely not-normal life.

2.  Social Circle – You’ve heard of social circle game?  This is another great income stream.  Social circle game is having a normal circle of friends (guys and girls) that you hangout with on a somewhat normal basis, like once a week or every other week, for instance.  You develop a social standing in the group (hopefully at the top of the male hierarchy) and through hanging out on a continued basis, new women come your way.

Usually for me what happens is i’m out with friends and from time to time another girl joins the group through another female.  When she does, i’m introduced to her by another girl and through this happening I come “prequalified.”  This means that when the new girl in the group asks about me, the girl she asks about me will talk me up, not because i’ve asked her to introduce me or to talk me up, but because she truly believes i’m a cool guy and she knows that if we have sex there won’t be drama involved.

When girls exchange information to each other about the sexual prowess of men, this is what’s called “Spreading the Legend,” and I assure you that your “legend” or lack thereof will be spread regardless of whether or not you want it to happen.  Girls will talk about everything from your cock size to how you touch them and what you say to them during sex, and what they say and who they say it to will be what either gets you a ton of extra easy women or keeps you from them.  This is the favorite income stream of many guys for that reason.  In addition to being easy, the women are often of higher quality than just sarging because many women prefer to do their “hunting” with minimal risk (having been introduced through friends).  Quite simply, this means you should do a thorough job of having sex with anyone who might in the future tell someone else (this means any girl you have sex with who lives in your state), and you should do your best not to involve yourself in drama, not to get bitter, and not to be a general retard when it comes to how you handle your social circle.

3.  Current women you’re hooking up with – “Uh, what Jake???  How would current women i’m sleeping with provide me with more women?”  I’m glad you asked.  Current women you have sex with (especially bi-sexual ones) often love to bring a friend over for a threesome.  This is more common than you think really, so if you haven’t done this before, then maybe hit a gay club looking for bi chicks.  When you find one, have sex with her a couple times then have her bring a friend over to have sex with both of you.

4.  Niche Marketing Activities – This is something seldom if ever talked about in the dating community, but it’s something i’ve noticed myself doing and so I wanted to share how it relates to women.  To me, niche marketing is developing a skill that most men don’t have and wouldn’t ever try to have so that you can market yourself to women who for some reason might need or want that skill in a man they date.

For instance, let’s say you’re an American and you’ve learned to speak Russian really well.  To niche market yourself, you might start hitting up Russian grocery stores (if you’re in a big city) or you might find other activities to involve yourself in that only Russian chicks fresh into the US might involve themselves in as well.  Make sense?  Being a guy who speaks Russian but also is American and knows our culture is a unique thing (a niche, if you will), and any man who could put himself in a niche like that would have a very high value to a Russian girl who maybe doesn’t speak English that well.  Don’t believe me?  Imagine yourself in Russia feeling lost as fuck and out of place not speaking much of the language and then finding a Russian chick who actually speaks English.  You’d be in love immediately, and even if the chick wasn’t that hot, you’d probably like her a ton anyway simply because you really couldn’t communicate that well with anyone else.

I love niche marketing for guys who are having a lot of trouble getting laid, because I think if you’re truly a low-value dude and you’re really having a tough time dating in the beginning of your learning process, this type of strategy offers you a great chance at some very hot women.  Obviously this strategy takes a ton of effort, but many guys have this type of skill already and just aren’t using it very well.  Did you take two semesters of Spanish?  Use that shit!  I even like to try and niche market myself to a women who i’m meeting out and about.  I’ve got like 5-10 things I do that are niche, and if the woman I meet and I have one in common (like interior design, for instance) then BAM!  Attraction, comfort, and sealing the deal instantly become MUCH easier.

And be creative about this, because niche marketing can include anything!  Besides just learning foreign languages you could learn sign language (deaf chicks LOVE guys who can sign!), or you could learn any other thing that puts you in a very small niche of men who would have that skill.  Remember the formula is to be a guy who is in the niche, put yourself in the presence of a woman or many women who want that special niche of guy,run some game where you talk about or demonstrate that you’re in the niche,  then go for it.

5.  Long Distance girls – This one is related to sarging, but I think it’s worth mentioning as its own income stream because to me women that I meet when i’m traveling (or who are in my town when they’re traveling) provide a different value than women who live in my town who i’m having sex with.  Quite simply, I can show up in their town and have sex with them when I want to, and I don’t have a lot of risk in getting caught with them if I happen to have more serious women who i’m seeing in my town.  In addition to this benefit, I often don’t have to communicate with a long-distance chick very much unless we’re about to meetup, so I can enjoy low-risk in the phone department as well.  I don’t even have to have her phone number in my phone if I don’t want to for whatever reason.

Let me back up a bit.  Here’s my strategy for vaginal income with women who live far away from me.  First I have sex with them for however long or however many times, then we part ways on good terms.  Maybe we’re facebook friends and exchange numbers or something.  A few months to even several years later (yes, i’ve done this), I contact them about a week or two before i’m about to be in their city or vice-versa (girls already know the M.O. here).  Maybe I shoot the girl a facebook message or a text, then after we “catch up” for a couple messages, she’ll start to feel somewhat connected again to me and then when the topic of “When are we going to hangout again” comes up, I mention that “I might be coming your way soon.”  I go, we meetup, have sex, and everything’s bueno.  Then when one of us is in the other’s town sometime later, we do the same thing again, and in this way we can perpetuate a sexual relationship over a very long period of time.

All in all, long distance chicks don’t provide a huge quantity of sex overall, but they’re a great income stream because once you’ve got 10-20 long distance chicks they’ll start popping up seemingly out of nowhere, ready to go and with almost zero effort needed to close.  You could potentially be having sex with one of them as much as one weekend a month for maybe 8 months out of your year, even like I said you don’t have very many of them.  It’s nice too because having sex with a long distance chick feels like you’re getting some “strange,” but it’s very low effort and there’s never a commitment expected (holy shit, does that even exist with women??? Yes, here it does).  Don’t count this out or forget about it as a very viable income stream!  And speaking of girls popping up out of nowhere….

6.  The Ghost of Pussy Past – This is my very favorite income stream of sex for one reason and one reason only.  The sex is the easiest to get of any, simply because you’ve already had it before.  No crazy shit to talk about here.  When you have sex with tons of girls for a long time, inevitably you’ll ahem… grow apart… with a few of them.  She’ll know it’s over because you quit communicating with her or something along those lines.  When you do this and leave things on good terms, you can almost always have sex again with the girl some time in the future.  Yes, girls might be in relationships later on or might say they’re “trying to be good” or something along those lines, but when you’ve done a great job with them the first time and then you’re the one that ends it (and even sometimes when you’re not), you stand a very good chance at having them again if you would so choose.  This can be months after you’re apart, years after you’re apart, or as i’ve recently started experiencing for the first times, it can even be decades after you’ve had sex the last time.

The ghost of pussy past works much the same way as long distance women.  You had sex, some time has passed, and now one or both of you wants to have sex again.  The rules go like this:  When things were ended on good terms, if you ended it by not communicating then you should make the effort to establish contact with her.  If she ended it, then she should make the effort to contact you.  If it’s been over one year since you’ve seen each other and you’d like to have sex with her, then in my book you’re cool to contact her even if she was the one who left you.  Again though, the premise of the ghost of pussy past is that you both left things on good terms!!!!, so don’t go trying to apply this theory to some one-itis you had 4 years ago who thinks you’re a retard then come back to my blog when it doesn’t work whining about “but Jake P, you said I could have the ghost of pussy past come visit me as a vaginal income stream… waaaaaah :…(”  Got it???  Good.


So that about wraps it up for this blogpost.  Again, you should try and have multiple income streams of women in your life, not just sarging!  This will inevitably also invite some balance into your life.  Through including social circle game, niche marketing, long distance women, and others into your strategy for abundance, you’ll find yourself learning about new things, hanging out with people who are cool and keep you grounded in normalcy, and doing some much needed traveling and getting away when you need to peace-out for whatever reason.  It’s my hope that this article has opened your eyes even just a small bit so that you can start enjoying abundance in your life like myself and many others do.  Cheers and thanks for reading!

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