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Workout With Like-Minded People

Working out with like-minded people might be the simplest income stream to understand and implement of all income streams, and that’s why you don’t see a video associated with this topic.  Instead of choosing to workout alone, you simply choose to workout in a setting where you’re with other people.  Ideally you’re working out and interacting with people at the same time, for instance maybe you’re at a cross-fit studio and you have to partner up from time to time, etc.  Joke all you want about figure-skaters and guys on the cheerleading squad, but those guys are getting sweaty with their hands all over women at the same time, and when that’s happening there’s no way on earth the women involved aren’t considering the men as sexual possibilities.  Put yourself in a place where you’re working out and getting sweaty with women and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one getting considered as a sexual possibility too.  Seems better than lifting weights alone to me, just saying…

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