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Who Would You Like To Attract?

The second piece of information we need to know about you if we want to properly market you to women through your fashion is what kind of women you’re trying to attract.  If you haven’t yet done it, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions, like:

What kind of girl you see yourself dating?

What age range of women are you seeking?

Do you have a specific “type” of woman, like artsy, bookworm, professional, etc?

What race or races of women would you date?  Is there a specific one that you prefer?


But hold on just a second here.

When you read these questions, did you feel like you knew right away what type of women you wanted or did you tell yourself you’d probably date almost anyone right now?


The quantity of women you’re capable of getting depends on your skill set, and the quality of women you get depends on your identity.  

At the Girlfriend Fastlane we recommend experiencing some abundance before entering into an exclusive relationship, and we do this for a variety of reasons, the main one being that I don’t want you staying in a bad relationship too long because you don’t feel like you can get another girl.  So to avoid common pitfalls and learn at the fastest rate possible, your abundance progression should be something like this:

  1.  (Dating no women)  Date most anyone who would date you in the beginning.  This helps you learn dating skills as fast as possible through use of parallel learning.
  1. (Dating 3 or more women) Once you’re dating a few women, only start dating another new one if she’s better than one that you’re currently dating.  When you start dating that new girl, let one girl go.  This is how you climb the quality “ladder.”
  1. (Abundance) When you find a woman who stands out to you, feel free to make her your girlfriend.
  1. If and when your relationship ends, begin filling up your funnel again as soon as possible.

It’s important to understand this abundance progression because it helps you know how picky you can be with women. If you’re on Step 1 and you know you’re a picky guy, then you should lower your standards and be willing to date a lot more women until your skill set warrants your pickiness.

If you feel like you might be too picky, then give this a read.

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