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What’s Next?

What’s next for you is to continue filling up your funnel with new interactions with women.  Text those women to the best of your ability then post your screenshots on the forum and I can give you direction or my opinion of them.  Remember also, please, that I don’t know what day “yesterday” on your iPhone is, so please include some details about the times and days of the texting.

If you’d like some further help with texting you’re free to call me on the phone!  Simply go to the extras section of the website and buy some time with me there and we can get started.  If you purchase a 5 hour block of time with me not only do you get a discount, you’re also allowed to text me anytime you’d like at your own convenience.  You can text me screenshots of your text conversations with girls and I’ll tell you what text you should send next.  You can also text me after the fact and we can discuss what happened, etc.  If I’m not busy having sex with a girl or doing yoga or driving, then I’m going to text you most of the time very promptly, and in fact many students have been purchasing my time in this way for years and they love it.

Also!  Don’t forget that by joining Girlfriend Fastlane you receive a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me!  So if you haven’t used that yet then please!  Shoot me an email with you phone number and the day and time you’d like to chat and we’ll make that happen.

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