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What’s Next?

What’s Next?

I haven’t included a video for this topic because it’s just not necessary and what to do next is super easy. Your next step is to use this tutorial and go practice your comfort game with any and every girl you can. Remember that you should include it only when you’re at the proper stage of your conversation (after logistics). Please resist the urge to do comfort at the beginning of your conversations with women or when you’re out of words to say for whatever reason.

Once you feel comfortable having your comfort conversation with a girls, remember to adjust your game back to where you don’t do your comfort game unless the girl has good logistics.   In this manner you can continue to maximize your time filling up your funnel when you’re out and about.  When you’re a full-on professional or you’re a super advanced guy, this strategy is going to change yet again, but for now just remember that you don’t have to do comfort to get a girl’s phone number.

The next tutorial is on Flawless Texting & Online Messaging!!!  So get ready to start turning these phone numbers you’re getting into dates using the techniques described there.  I’d also like to once again Thank You for your dedication, loyalty, and effort up to this point!  It’s not easy coming this far, so make sure to pat yourself on the back for all the progress you’ve made!

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