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What Women Do

Most women go through a cyclical 4-phase dating process that they repeat over and over again.  These 4 phases are “party-mode,” “boyfriend search mode,” “relationship mode” and “breakup depression mode.”

Party mode is a time when a woman is truly single and not really hung up on any past relationships.  She’s going out to bars and drinking, sleeping with as many men as she dares, and just generally making herself socially and sexually available without any serious plans.  She’s experiencing her own form of abundance with men and she simply wants to have a good time and isn’t really looking for a relationship or taking anything too seriously.  It’s important to note that when a woman is in party mode, she is engaging in parallel learning and non-monogamy.  Women and society both would have you believe that even when a woman is in party mode that she is monogamous, but this is far from the truth.  In fact, I’ve personally talked to and dated multiple women in party mode who confide in me that they are actively seeing as many as 6-7 men at any one given time.  This is not uncommon.  Just take one look at a woman’s Tinder messages and you’ll see that women in party mode are in several different stages of the dating process with several different men at a time.  This is parallel learning on a LARGE, ABUNDANT scale.

After a girl has been partying for awhile, she often starts thinking about the idea of finding something a bit more serious.  She’s had some sexual encounters and she starts entertaining the idea of possibly getting a boyfriend.  This idea grows from not being serious at all into actually actively seeking out and searching for a guy that might have more depth and substance to him and could lead to a relationship.  When a woman has isolated a guy who she feels has boyfriend potential, she’ll often start pushing for a relationship with him.  She may still sleep around or keep her options open at this point, but when she’s actively searching for and working towards having a boyfriend then she’s in “boyfriend search mode.”  Note that still when a girl is in boyfriend search mode it’s still normal for her to be dating many men.

Once a girl has found a guy to be her boyfriend, then she goes into “relationship mode.”  This is the mode where she’s spending most of her time with her boyfriend and she’s looking towards domestication, nesting, and the future… Yay!  Do women still cheat on their boyfriends?  Yes of course.  The key to making sure a women doesn’t cheat is to maintain your dominant standing in the relationship, or “wearing the pants” as you might have heard.  Men who fail to wear the pants in their relationships often are the ones who experience women cheating on them the most.  The fact is, when you’re a dominant man you’re also a rare man, and women hold tightly onto men like this.  This concept of having dominance in a relationship is an important one, and one that I’ll go in to much greater detail in a future tutorial.  For now, just understand that you have the best chance of having a successful, healthy, long-lasting relationship when you are a dominant man.

After boyfriend mode or when her relationship starts to go seriously downhill, most women go into breakup and depression mode.  Their relationship didn’t work and they’re sad about it.  They call their friends and cry and whine and sit on the couch in their sweatpants eating Haagen Dazs ice cream and wondering why nobody wants them.  This is the one phase in a woman’s dating life where I think she has the least amount of sex.  Have you ever had sex with a girl and it made you feel worse about yourself because you were still hung up on your ex-girlfriend?  Well women experience this too, and even though they may have some rebound sex or go back to an ex-boyfriend during this phase, often they don’t feel good about it.

Hopefully now you should have a better understanding of what women’s dating lives actually look like.  They go through four specific phases, and you’ll note that what we’ve just discussed paints a very different picture than what society would like you to believe a woman’s dating life actually looks like.  When women are single, almost every single one will engage in non-monogamy and parallel learning.  I would recommend you go as far with this as you feel comfortable with, and do so knowing that it’s actually not a bad thing.  After all, you’re single!

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