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What Makes Something Attractive to Women

So we’ve briefly touched on the fact that there are things that attract women to us and things that repel women from us, but what makes something attractive to women and what makes something repellent to women?

Something is attractive to women when it demonstrates dominance.  

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with dominance yet, dominance is having power and influence over others.  So what this means is that the more power and influence you can demonstrate over others, the more attractive you’ll be to women.

Notice here that I didn’t say “the richer you are the more women will like you.”  Lol.  We often as men think that money gets women, when in fact you can be a rich man monetarily and still have little power or influence over others.  You can also be a dominant man and have little to no money.

Having money does not make you a dominant, attractive man.  Having power and influence does.    

I know an ugly billionaire who dated a supermodel.  Not joking.  I know another guy who is what most guys would consider a complete asshole.  He’s basically broke and he has dated that same girl.  She now has gone back to him instead of the billionaire.  So what do these guys have in common that this supermodel girl is attracted to?

They both demonstrate power and influence over others.  When the billionaire is in his element around people who know about his business, everyone kisses his ass and he demonstrates a lot of power.  He’s the leader.  When the broke guy is around others at the bar, people treat him in almost the same way because of his social skills and the way he carries himself.  The dominance is what’s attractive to the girl, not the money.  She can get money, gifts, and expensive trips anytime she wants, and literally there are men lining up to buy her all of that shit and she just doesn’t care.

A man who demonstrates power and influence over others is far more rare and far more attractive than a man with money.  

Now let’s say that this supermodel walks into a bar before she knows either of these guys and sees them both standing at the bar.  Who does she choose?

Well she can’t see bank accounts, so when she meets each guy she tries to assess which guy is a more dominant guy.  Both are dominant men, but of course these men are dominant in different ways in different scenarios, so how does she choose?  All she can do is choose the man who she perceives to be more dominant over the other man at that time in that specific scenario.  Her perception is based solely on each man’s ability to demonstrate dominance right then and there.

Which guy is actually  dominant over the other man?  She doesn’t know, and it doesn’t matter.  What’s important to understand is that a woman chooses who she perceives to be dominant.  Her perception is real for her, and it’s the only thing that matters.

Now let’s go further.

Let’s say this time that the billionaire and the asshole talk to each other with her watching.  Who does she choose?  Easy.  She chooses the man who is socially dominant.

When you are perceived by woman as being dominant over other men, women will be attracted to you.    

It’s important to understand that women are just guessing which men are dominant.  There’s literally no way of knowing which man is actually dominant over the other.

Attraction isn’t a logical choice that the woman makes.  It’s a feeling she gets based on her perception in the moment.  She simply sees both men and feels drawn more to one than the other.

Are there times when a woman knows that a man is dominant before she meets him?  Sure.  Let’s say you’re a famous NBA basketball player and the woman has seen you play and knows your stats.  That’s a verifiable level of dominance over other men, however, that doesn’t happen when a woman meets a random guy at a bar or a mall somewhere (like you or I).

Instead, a woman makes judgements about the man’s level of dominance and attractiveness based on her perception. And since every woman perceives dominance differently, this means that your level of dominance changes to each woman you meet.   After all, each woman you meet values different characteristics and she feels attracted to different men at different times because of her values.

This brings up an interesting point.  A lot of guys compare themselves to other guys.  They say things like “Well he isn’t nearly as good looking as me so why is she choosing him over me?”  What these guys don’t understand is that the woman isn’t making a logical choice, she’s making a choice based on emotion.  Attraction isn’t something she thinks about, it’s a feeling she has.

Whether it’s the clothes we wear, the car we drive, what people say about us, or what’s coming out of our mouths, all of the things about us that are attractive to women are attractive because they demonstrate dominance in some way.

This brings up the first rule of attraction that I’d like to share with you.  That rule is:

If you can demonstrate dominance to the women around you, they will be attracted to you.  

So let’s go back to our original question, “What makes something attractive to a woman?”  The answer to that question is”

Something is attractive to a woman when it is perceived as dominant and she feels emotion because of it.  

Now before this confuses you, let’s talk about all the many ways that men can be dominant.  I can’t even list them all, but here are a few:

  • A man can be physically dominant
  • A man can be emotionally dominant (he handles his emotions better)
  • A man can be creatively dominant (he’s more artsy or musical perhaps)
  • A man can be socially dominant (having more social perception)

As you can see, this is a very small list and there are many many more ways that a man can be dominant.

What’s important to understand for us is that Social Dominance is what we’re working on when we use verbal attraction methods.  Social dominance is the most important type of dominance because just like in the example above with the billionaire and the asshole, when you speak with a woman she uses social dominance as her mechanism for screening men and deciding who she mates with.

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