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What Is An Attraction Routine?

An attraction “routine” is a scripted line or sequence of lines (sometimes a story) that is used to demonstrate one or often multiple dominant characteristics (attractors) to women in order to get them attracted to you.  Attraction routines are often created by professional dating coaches and then tested hundreds or thousands of times on women by both the dating coach and his students.

The advantages of using attraction routines are:

  • They allow for growth and discovery of charisma.  Expanding of your ability to show different emotions and communications.
  • Pro-Scripted – A professional made this up, tested it, and it’s proven to work
  • Elimination of Variables – Since we know the opener works, if it’s not working for you then we know it’s something you’re doing that’s not working
  • Simplicity.  You just memorize some words and say them and it can work.
  • Attraction routines can demonstrate multiple dominant characteristics in a very short time period.

There are also some disadvantages of attraction routines, like:

  • Your delivery will often be bad in the beginning
  • They can come off contrived
  • They can be incongruent with your personality
  • You can forget the words
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