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What Brought You Here

Comfort not only about establishing commonalities with a woman, it’s also about exchanging “normal” information about each other that people who are friends with each other would know.  When a woman you meet knows the “normal” information about you, it prevents her from later thinking you’re a creepy serial killer simply because she doesn’t know that information.

For instance if I asked you about any of your friends, you would probably know things like where they work, what their career goals are, what their family life is like, etc.  It’s for this reason that we want the women we meet to know “normal” things about us as well, like where we work, our goals, stuff about our family, etc.

So after you’ve talked about your first topic or two with the girl and you’ve created a commonality or two, often you’ll want to talk about something that allows you to gain “normal” information about each other.  To do this, I often use the topic of what brought the girl to the town we’re both in or possibly what brought her to the place that we’ve both met.  I use this topic because when you talk about what brought you to the city you live in, your path in life is commonly connected to your work, your goals, and your family.  Voilà!

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