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Understanding The Why

We still text these days (or message online, snapchat, etc) because calling girls on their personal phone assumes that they’ll pickup the phone when nowadays they 99% of the time will not, especially when you’re contacting a girl for the first time.

Remember, our number one goal from the second we meet a girl up until we’re regularly sleeping with the girl is to understand where she’s “at” with us.  

In other words, it’s our goal to understand how a girl feels about us because that helps us understand what to do next.  For instance, if something the girl has said or done indicates that she’s not attracted enough to go on a date with you, it’s important to be able to figure that out quickly and easily so that you can take the next step, which in this case would be to try and get her more attracted to you so that she’ll say yes to a date.

Since there are more variables involved with calling a girl than there are with texting a girl, I prefer texting a girl because it makes my job of figuring out where she’s “at” with me much much easier.  For instance, let’s say that you call a girl and she doesn’t answer.  Now you’re in a situation where you have the opportunity to leave a message.  Should you leave one or not?  Was she just busy and she really does like you or does she not like you and that’s why she didn’t answer?  Is this a girl who is comfortable enough to call you back if she misses your call?

Who knows!

This is why we text.  Texting not only is something that has no urgency associated with it (like calling does), but it also is something most women are comfortable doing because it’s non-committal.  In other words, a woman can safely text without committing to something that could be awkward, like a phone call.

In addition to all of this, women can text when they’re doing activities that they would not answer your call during… like taking a dump, shopping, eating with friends/family, out for drinks, etc etc etc.

Are you getting the idea yet?

We text because it gives the girl an easy way to communicate with us and because it gives us more information than an unanswered phone call can give us.  

Are there other ways to communicate like Snapchat, Tinder, etc?  Sure.  And most all of the rules in this tutorial apply for those as well.

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