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Understanding The Why

So why are we using attraction material?  There are several reasons that we practice attraction material.  Obviously the first reason is to get the girl to like us, but how much should the girl like us for our job to be “complete”?

The goal of getting a girl attracted is to get her attracted enough to you that she would say yes to giving you her phone number.   

We’re not trying to get this girl to fall in love with us right away, we simply have to attract the girl enough to give us her phone number so that we can get to the next “stage” in dating where we text her and ask her out on a date.  That’s it.  We don’t have to do some magical crazy wizardry, we simply have to do enough to get to the next stage of dating.

The next reason that we’re practicing attraction material is because different girls get attracted to guys for different reasons.  This means that the same couple of attractive things we do aren’t going to work on every girl.  That’s why we need to learn multiple ways of getting a girl attracted to us.  When you know multiple techniques to get girls attracted to you, then during a conversation when a girl doesn’t respond well to one thing you do, it’ll be easy to simply switch your strategy up and try something else to get the girl attracted.  I call this switching up of my attraction strategy “finding a way in.”  I like to think that:

There’s a “way in” to get past every girl’s armor and get her attracted.  

So when I’m in a conversation and a girl doesn’t laugh at something I do or seems bored, this doesn’t phase me.  I simply recognize that she’s not responding to the method I’m using and I try something else.  For instance, maybe a girl isn’t responding to some humor I use, so instead I might try some role-playing to see if she responds better to that.  Then if that doesn’t work, I’ll keep trying other things until the girl either walks away from me or until I find the “way in” past her defenses.

Remember, practicing attraction material is about simultaneously learning how to grow your charisma and how to interpret each woman’s reaction to what you’re presenting her with.  Eventually you’ll be able to start “reading” each woman well enough that you can tailor your attraction material to what you’ve seen similar woman respond well to in the past.  In other words, you’ll be so good that you’ll know how to attract her before you even start talking with her.  That’s the end goal.

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