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Understanding The Where

Obviously you’re going to be going on dates as a result of texting women, and what I’d like to talk about here is how sometimes going on a date alone with a girl might only come after you’ve first hung out with her and a friend.  In other words, instead of just going from texting to going on a date alone with a girl, you might find her wanting “hangout” with you and a friend of hers before she feels comfortable enough to be alone with you.

Now I know it sucks to work so hard to get a girls number and get her to hangout, only to have her suggest that she’s not ready for a date yet and you should hangout with her and her gay friend or other girlfriend first, but I assure you if you handle it well and roll with the punches that she’ll be happy to go on a date with you once the threat-assessment is complete and you pass with flying colors.

You see, the reason women often want to bring a friend along to meet you before going on a proper date with you is because for whatever reason she’s still a little suspect about you, your intentions, and her ability to accurately assess your character.  She also might feel like she doesn’t wanna be stuck on an awkward date for hours with a guy who she didn’t like in the first place.  Bringing a friend along is something that in her eyes can cure all of these concerns, so when she wants a friend hangout before a date you’re just going to have to go, simple as that.

So just to be abundantly clear, the dating process sometimes will go:

Texting—->Hangout w/her and a friend—->Real Date

instead of the more desirable situation where texting leads straight to a date:

Texting—->Real Date

Again, this is nothing to be alarmed about, just go on her “hangout with friends” date and understand that for her it’s a necessary stepping stone.  As your “front-end” game gets better, I assure you that this need women have to hangout before an actual date alone with you will disappear, so don’t please sweat it too much.

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