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Understanding The Where

Here are the steps so far in our process of meeting women:

  1.  Flood your life with women and begin filling up your funnel with new opportunities with women
  1. Turn those opportunities into conversations by opening your mouth
  1. Use what you say and do to get the woman attracted to you
  1. Get her Logistics and decide whether you’d like to spend more time with her or not
  1. Comfort

Is this making sense to you?

So after you’ve found out that a girl has good logistics, you’ll often want to spend more time getting to know her.  This is where your “comfort” conversation will happen.

Remember that comfort isn’t necessary to get a girl’s phone number, but doing some “comfort game” will likely make her phone number more solid.  In other words, she’ll be more likely to say yes to a date when you spend some time getting to know each other using the techniques I’ll talk about in this tutorial.

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