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Trading Hair

At first when I was starting conversations with women I would always use canned or pro-scripted conversation starters, then after awhile I was able to get myself into a heightened social mood and start coming up with material on my own.  That’s now the “Trading Hair” opener developed for me.  At first I was practicing giving girls genuine compliments, and one time when I liked a girl’s hair I told her:

“Hey, I like your hair girl.”

Then one time when I was in a social mood I extended that and said:

“Hey, I like your hair girl.  You know what I think?  I think that you and I should like trade hair… but only for a one day.  Don’t get greedy!”  

This concept of practicing an opening conversation starter and later extending it after having done it so much that something new just comes out is called Embrace & Extend.  You literally embrace the opener’s concept or concepts through experience, then naturally extend it in some way.  When you find yourself doing this type of thing and you get a great reaction from a woman, it’s important to write down what worked so that you don’t forget it.  I even like to try and repeat the same thing that worked on that same night many times to kind of cement it into my head as much as possible.

This is how Trading Hair opener was born.  I started with a compliment and I realized also during this process that women wanted to have conversations about my hair too.  It was something that was interesting to them.  How did I get my hair?  Why is it long?  Am I a rockstar?  How do they categorize me as a human?

It’s important to realize when you find something that women consistently find interesting about you because then you can go through this same process.  However, for now if you’d like to use this opener then I say go for it!  I’ve found it works for guys with most any hairstyle and about the worst thing that ever has happened ever to a guy is if the girl says she doesn’t want to trade hair.  Well that’s easy to deal with because then you can just tell the girl something like “Nevermind I change my mind anyways!”  And now you’re talking with her.  Remember that the point of using an opener is just to open the conversation!  So regardless of whether or not you get a negative reaction from a woman, the important part is that you try and keep the conversation going.    

Trading Hair opener has been something Ive used now for years in both my personal life and with students, all with great success.  It’s easy to learn and has a low chance of outright rejection simply because it’s an extended compliment opener.  Give it a shot!

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