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Serial Learning – The Common Man’s Dating Strategy

“Serial Learning” is learning that takes place in a series.  In other words, concepts are learned one after another.  First you learn the first thing, then the second thing, then the third, etc.  In some areas of study like mathematics, for example, serial learning is necessary.  After all, it would be very hard to learn Algebra if you hadn’t already learned addition, subtraction, multiplication and division first.

Gaining dating skills, however, is not something that requires serial learning.  While some concepts do build on others, one cannot definitely say that certain steps in the dating process MUST happen before others.  Often it’s the case that you can have sex with a girl, for example, without getting her phone number first.  When a skill set is composed of skills that can be learned independently and don’t need to be learned sequentially (in order), it’s a time consuming and therefore bad idea to learn them one after another (in series).

It’s also important to understand that when a man utilizes serial learning or serial monogamy as his dating strategy, he virtually guarantees lack of happiness in his life and a very long and drawn out learning process.  This is because it’s very difficult to perfect dating skills when you learn them so slowly.  A serial monogamist, for instance, might meet a girl and attract her, then take her on a date and make her his girlfriend.  When the relationship is finally over (possibly years later), the serial monogamist is now catapulted back into the dating realm with little to no idea how to attract women.  He may have never practiced attracting women, it just happened the first time by chance.  He quite literally “got lucky.”  This means he is now forced to essentially start over learning the skill of attraction, something that parallel learners (whom i’ll explain in the next video) master quickly through repeated practice very early on in their dating lives.

Another example to illustrate how slow learning serially can be is the skill of breaking up.  Some women will break up with you no matter what you do, and there’s a way to breakup effectively so that you have the highest percentage chance of getting back with any girl who breaks up with you.  These days, if a woman breaks up with me, there’s close to a 100% chance that i’ll be able to date her again in the future.  I’ll discuss that method in detail in a later tutorial, but what’s important to understand right now is that a serial monogamist might only break up with a girl one time every couple of years, and this makes it very difficult to practice the skill of breaking up.  In fact, in 10 years a serial monogamist might only have a few breakups or even less, and without instruction from a professional there is literally a 0% chance he will be breakup effectively.  He’s quite literally doomed to failure and a life filled with unhappiness, simply because he never stopped to think about how to learn dating skills.  Millions of men across the globe are like this.

Now imagine if there was a way to practice breaking up with women enough that you could master it quickly, so that any and every woman who left you would come back to you.  This way to practice wouldn’t take 10 or 20 years, it might just take one or two years instead.  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Well I personally developed that method for breaking up, and it’s something I’ll teach you in a coming tutorial!

What if also during that same 1-2 year period you could not only learn the skill of breaking up, but also almost every other dating skill you will need to have a happy, fulfilled dating life?  The great news i’m going to give you right now is that this is possible when you utilize parallel learning, something I’m going to tell you about in the very next video.

The important part to understand is that we need to go through a certain amount of failures to learn dating skills, and when you utilize serial monogamy or serial learning, you’re going to experience those failures so uncommonly that you may never learn from those mistakes.  This can and does cause many men extended periods of pain and suffering in their lives, and this is why I so adamantly oppose the idea of serial learning.  It just takes too long to learn serially, and when you do you’re never going to catch up with the amount of dating knowledge women have, let alone have the upper hand.

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