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Step 4 – Your “Real” Value List

Once you’ve re-evaluated your list of values using the technique of taking them to extremes and envisioning what your life would look like when you accomplish one of the goals and not the other, you should end up with a new list of your values in their new and “real” order of importance.  Write down that new list in order now.

When you’ve got your list written down, I’d encourage you to put that list in a place or in several places of high visibility in your life.  Maybe you put it on your fridge, post it to your bathroom mirror, or put it in front of you speedometer in your car.  The idea is that when you place this list where you’ll see it often, it serves as a great reminder to you that you’ll be a much happier person when you’re spending your time in accordance with the things that you value most in life.

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