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Step 2 – Order of Importance

Step 2 is to arrange the values you listed in order of their current importance to you.   The thing you most value spending your time on right now should be at the top of your list, and the thing you least value spending your time on should be listed last.

It’s important to note that obviously all of these values on your list are important to you, and just because you put one thing above another doesn’t mean that both aren’t important to you.  For instance, you might have “Spending Time with Family” as part of your list.  Well if right now spending time at work just happens to be more important to you than spending time with your family, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your family if you list spending time with them as less important than work right now.  Both are important.

Make sense?

It’s not about one value being ultimately more important to you in general in your life, we’re simply working towards arranging your values so that we can start to understand what it’s important to spend time working on right now.

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