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Social Courage

Social courage is how ballsy you are socially around others, and anytime you can demonstrate social courage around women they’ll view you as confident, which we all know is an attractive quality.

Nowadays, having social courage (BALLS) around women is a very rare trait amongst men.  Our world is getting better and better at putting more and more constraints around what “should” be said and done and what’s considered appropriate behavior.  What this means is that the when you “step out” and take chances socially, you’re going to be a guy who has to stand up to the social pressure that can result.  I have a saying for this, so repeat after me:

Whatever happens, I can handle it.  

In other words, don’t let fear of consequence rule you.  I personally live by this motto 100%, and if you’ve trained with me before then you know that I’m no stranger to bending the rules and making ballsy “plays” with women.  The reality is that you MUST step outside of your comfort zone and you MUST make social mistakes in order to gain social experience and social calibration, so in my mind you should be eager to take action and eager to handle whatever emotions or consequences you experience as a result.  I’ve personally been kicked out of bars or clubs probably 50 times or more and I continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Information is easy to come by, balls are not.  

Listen up, and listen closely.  80% of guys reading this won’t do shit with my advice.  Really, they won’t do a fucking thing!  They won’t approach, they won’t take chances, and they won’t grow huge monstrous balls as a result.  Instead, they will read the information on this website, say they “know” it, and still not take action.  The problem with this is:

The guys with all the information aren’t the ones getting laid, the guys with balls are.

Which guy are you right now?

My advice to you is to take this question very seriously.  Answer it honestly and don’t lie to yourself, then decide what you’re going to do about your answer.  Fear is a sneaky sneaky, sneaky devil.

I’ll tell you one last thing I’ve learned first hand in the dating world, and it’s something that a friend of mine told me a long time ago…

Shy don’t get you shit.

So be the guy with balls.  Go out and get outside of your comfort zone, like now.  Then whatever happens, you can handle it.  The most successful students aren’t the ones with the most information, they’re the ones with the biggest balls.  Be one of them.  Then when you are one of them, you can pride yourself in being comfortable outside of your comfort zone because you’ve been there so much and you know how your mind and body will react when you stretch yourself and what you’re capable of.

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