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Send A Verification Text

A verification text is a text that you send to a girl right when you get her phone number so that you can verify her contact information.  

When I get a girl’s phone number I simply put it into my phone and then I say “Okay got it.  I’ll shoot you a text right now.”  Then I send the girl my verification text, ask her “Did you get it?”, and watch closely what her reaction to this is.

A girl’s reaction to this process is important, because it’s going to tell you a lot about where you’re “at” with the girl in the dating process.  It’s also going to tell you a lot about how she views you.  For instance, if she:

  1.  Looks flustered and then tells you that she lost her phone (or some other seemingly dumb and hard-to-believe excuse) – This means that she could have given you a fake number and you therefore didn’t get her attracted to you.
  1. Grabs her phone out of her purse seamlessly and says “Yep!  Got it.”  –  This means that she gave you the right number and likely will have no problem with you texting her
  1. Looks at her phone and says she didn’t get it – This means that maybe you input her number incorrectly or something.  Note that girls will give you a “My phone is dead/broken/missing/etc” type excuse when they gave you a fake, so this could legitimately mean that there was a mistake.

Again, the important thing is to watch what she does when you send her the verification text, because it’s going to give you additional information about how the girl views you and where you’re at with her.  

Here are the texts I’ll send a woman right when I get her number:

1. Jake, the super hot guy from _____________ 😉 (insert the name of the place you’re at)

I use this text most often, and I like it because the girl will read it and usually laugh, giving me another opportunity to see her reaction to me.

In addition to this I’ve included the place I met her so that later on if she’s having trouble remembering me (read: she was drunk or I’m still kind of forgettable), she at least can try and remember me that way. Note also that I’ve included a winky-face (you can use an emoticon if you’d like). This is just an added little bit of flirtation.

Also, when I text the girl in the future, the first message I sent her will often be the first thing she’ll read. She may even read it over and over, and when she reads that I’m a super hot guy, she’s more likely to believe it. This is an example of a technique called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). For the record, this is the only time I use NLP, ever.

2. Jake from ________________ (insert the name of the place you’re at)

This text is essentially the same at the first text, but as you can see we’ve omitted the “super hot” part and any punctuation. I use this text when I already know that the woman is attracted to me and there’s really no need to continue to try to get her anymore attracted than she already is.

Sometimes, saying how hot you are to a women might make her think you’re too cocky or overqualified for her as well, making this a great option. Overall, this text just tries less than the first text, so if your goal is to start being less “try-hard,” than sending this text would be a great place to start.

3. Jake

I send this text as a bare minimum text to a girl, simply because if I don’t text anything to her when I get her number I always run the risk of getting a “who is this” text from her when I text for the first time. As my game has improved over the years, it has become less and less likely that a woman will forget her interaction with me. On several occasions I’ve even met women who remember me and my name from meeting me years before. Many times a woman will think about me enough after our interaction that when I text for the first time after our initial interaction, she’ll already know exactly who I am. When this is the case for you, I recommend sending this text. It’s the least try-hard text you can send and still prevents a “who is this” text from her.

The final thing to mention about a verification text is that we do not expect a response from her on this text, nor is it a bad sign if she does not respond to this text.  

Sometimes girls will respond quickly to this text and the majority won’t.  Either way, we do not care one bit.  The only note-worthy thing to mention is that I’ve noticed that when a girl responds to this text a half hour or more after you have sent the text, it could mean that she’s open to hanging out more with you on that night.  So in cases like these I’ll often follow up the same night with the girl in case she’s “in the mood.”

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