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Re-Engage Women

Yes, there’s a puppy in this video, lol.  That’s okay with me, I liked the video enough to include it anyways…

So re-engaging with women is an important income stream that most guys mess up, and if you’re planning on re-engaging with any women as a result of seeing this video, I want to give you a quick couple of hints on how to do that so that you have a good shot.

The reason that most men fail at re-engaging women is that they start off by asking for way to much from the woman.  For instance, a guy might text a girl to “come over” (aka lets have sex), and to a woman this is far too much and too soon.  Instead of doing this, what I see women do to re-engage men (and what I think you should do to re-engage women) is to start off just by texting or messaging something to start a conversation.

It’s important to understand that your re-engagement with a woman should contain the same steps as meeting her for the first time.  Yes, these steps will happen much more quickly than when you first met the woman, but still the steps should be there.  In other words, you should start off by seeing if she wants to talk to you at all by starting a conversation.  After that you can do some flirting and hopefully get her re-attracted to you a little bit, then you should ask her if she would like to hangout/go out with you or if she wants to “catch up” soon.  It’s only after you meetup that you can go further.

Does this make sense?  I repeat, catching up comes first then sex comes later.

So if you’ve been reading this, let me repeat.  To re-engage her, send her a message that seeks to start a conversation, not one that is seeing sex immediately.  Send her a text about how something reminded you of her because of ______ thing she likes, or message her on Facebook with a video or a meme or something.  This is what will communicate that you’re interested in re-engaging with her.

Another one I like that women use a lot is what I call the stupid detail.  There’s always something left over from a relationship that women can ask about when they want to re-engage.  Maybe she left something at your place or she needs you to pick something up at her place that you left.  If you’ve broken up recently she could use an excuse like picking her kid or your kid up somewhere or maybe the dog (that you both had together) needs something and she wants you to take it somewhere, etc.  She could need a legal form done of some sort or something filled out.  Whatever it is, it’s a stupid detail that really is meaningless.  When you see this from a girl, she’s looking to re-engage with you, and therefore if you’re looking to re-engage with a woman you might try it out as well.

Remember, the idea is to put something small out there and see if she bites on your attempt to re-engage her.  If she messages you back, that’s her “biting” and she likely is open to the idea of seeing you again.

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