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Player Frame

“I’m SO Sorry I didn’t call you back last week, it was hot, but I’ve just been so busy.”  This is an example of what I call Player Frame, and acting like a player is a great way to flirt because like it or not, players are actually doing a lot of things right when it comes to women.  To start off, when you act like a player you’re often acting like the girl you’re talking to is meaningless to you.  This creates a scenario where the girl wants you to value her more than you do.

I’ve got a friend in Hollywood who is an extreme kind of a guy and he’s a player through and through.  One of the things he does for his player frame is he has one of those “Easy” buttons from staples on his desk, and when he gets done having sex with a girl and gets up to go to the bathroom, he hits the “Easy” button on his desk and a voice says “That was easy.”

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