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Plan Closing Logistics

Women like to feel like having sex with you “just happened,” because the idea of planning to have sex or verbally agreeing to have sex before it happens is something that would make them feel slutty.  Because of this, it’s our job to take responsibility for arranging logistics on our dates so that it seems natural to end up in a location where sex can “just happen” rather than it seeming at the end of the date like you’re both going to your place specifically because you plan on trying to get her naked.

For example, let’s say that you didn’t plan your closing logistics and now it’s the end of the night and you’re making out with the girl.  You feel like things are getting hot and heavy so you ask her if she wants to come to your place.  The problem is that you’re a 20 minute drive away from your house.  In a situation like this, of course the girl could say yes to coming home with you, but doing so would definitely make her feel like she’s verbally agreeing to having sex with you because things are getting hot and heavy and that seems to be what would happen.  In this scenario, the girl will likely say no to you and opt to go home for the night, and she’ll do this simply because she doesn’t want to feel slutty.

Now let’s say that you’re a smart guy and you planned ahead.  This time you choose to eat at a thai place at midnight because the girl you’re taking out is a bartender and you know she’s got a late schedule.  You also bought a couple different bottles of red wine and plopped them in the wine rack before you left for the night because you noticed that she ordered a cabernet at the bar when you first met her.

So you go out to eat with the girl, you both finish up eating, and now it’s 1:15am.  You’ve only had one or two drinks a piece and now you’re making out a bit and you stop to decide what direction to take the night in.  Since you’ve planned ahead, you tell her “Well, we could hit a bar for the next 15 minutes before they start kicking us out maybe?…. or… hmmm what else…. uhhhh… I mean we could have a drink at my place around the corner here, too.  I mean don’t get any ideas in your head cause I have to get up in the morning, but I think I have a bottle of wine we could crack open if that sounds good to you…”

BAM!  Now you’re making slick moves and your planning is paying off.  You’ve just come up with a legitimate, plausible, logical reason to go to your place.  It’s close, it’s easy, and the bars are closing anyways.  Now you have an activity that extends the vibe of the night without much of a state break.  This means tomorrow when she’s talking with her friend about having sex with you she can safely not feel like a slut, and instead she can say “Oh, well the bars were closing and his place was right around the corner so we went there.  He said he had to get up early so I couldn’t stay too long… but then… well… it just happened.”

Is this sinking in yet?

I hope so, because this type of planning can literally be the difference between going home to jerk off or going home with this girl and getting laid because you planned ahead and thought things out.  It’s really worth your small amount of time and attention.

Again, the idea is to have the closing logistics for your date planned out ahead of time so that when it’s coming to a close you can smoothly bounce to a place where the two of you can be alone, so choose a place to end up your night that you can get to quickly and easily.

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