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Being overqualified is a scenario that happens in a relationship where you don’t show any eagerness to the woman through your words or your actions, and as a result the woman just feels like you’re legitimately out of her league.  There’s no confusion about it.

Now if you’re a beginner, the odds are you’re not even capable of this scenario happening at all, so I certainly don’t want you to worry that this will happen.  However, for the purposes of explanation right now let’s say that an extremely fat and disgusting girl was trying to date you.  Would you show her any verbal eagerness or hangout with her?  No.  And how long to you think it would take before she got the idea that you were out of her league?  Probably not very long.

Get it?

Okay let’s go a bit further.  How likely is it that you would exhibit this behavior towards a girl you thought was hot?  It’s like 0%.

A much more likely scenario that happens is when a guy who is starting to reach expert territory in his game gets so non-needy and filled up with rotation girls that he forgets to show any signs to a girl that he actually wants to have sex with.  He then becomes overqualified for a girl, she feels under qualified, and then getting her back in the sack becomes hard because he has trouble convincing her that he’s even serious at all.

Yes, this happens.

The reality is that you can get to that point where you’re not showing eagerness at all because you’ve eliminated all verbal eagerness through mistakes that have caused you to lose women.  Remember the part in the “From the Author” section of this tutorial where I told you that even after having sex with girls three times that you’d still be losing them?  Well, expert-level guys have lost girls many times in these scenarios and as a result have finally eliminated the eagerness out of their words for good.

You see, verbal eagerness is like riding a motorcycle… when you start losing respect for it you’re in for a hard lesson, and experts know this.  

In other words, you might still tomorrow have a feeling that you wanna tell a girl you like her and you see a future with her, for instance.   Maybe you just had sex and you’re feeling particularly retarded.  In that moment of boner-bliss, you might feel like you’re in love or something and quietly say to yourself “I’m just gonna open up and tell her how I feel… I mean, what does Jake know anyway?”

In that moment, you will have lost respect for riding the “verbal eagerness” motorcycle, and now you’re in for a relationship wreck that you’re not going to like.  

Experts know this.

So anyways, you’ve been warned.  Now let’s get back to the topic at hand.

You will become overqualified for a girl when you don’t show any verbal eagerness and you also don’t hangout with her enough, and when this has already happened you’ll know it, because you’ll call a girl for a hookup and she won’t respond or she’ll complain that you aren’t giving her enough attention in one form or another.  In cases where this happens, you’re going to need to adjust your game by temporarily spending more time with the girl if you don’t want to lose her.  The other option is you can start to add more confusion to your game by actually giving her more verbal eagerness.  When that happens you’ll start to enter into a different scenario in dating that I call “Stringing her along,” which is our next scenario…

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