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Welcome to the old school of meeting women!  If you don’t already know what opinion openers are, let’s talk quickly about them.  An opinion opener is when you ask a girl for a “quick female opinion” on something and then ask her a question.  A common opinion opener is to ask about a friends drama in their relationship, or maybe something like “Do drunk I-love-you’s count?” or “Who lies more, men or women?”  The idea of an opinion opener is to spark some conversation and get the woman talking about the subject.

So do opinion openers work?  Well normally when I’m speaking to a group, even the simple mention of an opinion opener causes laughter because most guys have tried this type of opener and had poor results.  However, that doesn’t mean that opinion openers don’t work.  I personally would argue that most people’s results are poor only because the openers are often very short and often seem to the woman like they’re coming out of nowhere.  The girl is literally caught off guard and has trouble adjusting to the conversation, then shortly after realizes that the guy was just using the question to hit on her because he doesn’t followup well or it doesn’t seem like something that a guy like him would be asking normally.  This idea of something you say not matching up with the way others perceive your personality is called incongruence, and it can be something that hurts your chances with women.

So what’s my spin on an opinion opener and how can we make it work a lot better?  If you’re having some trouble using opinion openers I think the way to get better results would be to use creativity to come up with something new and also to make sure you have the girl’s attention before you just blurt out a random question to her.  Ditch the “Can I have a quick female opinion” crap and when you come up with something creative to say that takes up more than a couple seconds of conversation and suits your personality, I think you’ll stand a solid chance at having an opinion opener work for you.

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