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Obvious Bullshit

Obvious bullshit is when you tell a girl a complete lie or a story that’s completely untrue and you do your best to tell the lie or the story exactly like you would tell the story as if it were 100% true.  The idea is that if the girl accepts what you said as true then you get to make fun of her for believing what you said.  In fact, even if the girl pauses and takes any time at all to figure out that you were lying, you STILL get to make fun of her for being slow to figure it out.

For example, let’s say I’m talking with a girl and asks me if I know or how I know one of her friends who I just met.  Often my response would be to look right at the girl and give her a straight-faced answer that’s completely unbelievable, like “we met like 10 years ago at this rodeo she was competing in.”  What I’d be hoping to do here is to convince the girl that her close friend used to be a rodeo champion and that she didn’t know that about her friend until I just said it.

Obvious bullshit is a mental dominance technique because you’re demonstrating that you are great at deception and that you’re mentally a few steps ahead of her.  This is especially true when you can get her to believe something you said.

Another way to do obvious bullshit is when you’re telling a story or offering information up about yourself.  Let’s say a girl asks me what I do for a living.  I might start out by telling her something that’s true, and then as I add details to my story I start exaggerating a little bit and lying a bit more as I continue the conversation.  I’ll continue escalating my lies until the things I’m saying are so obviously bullshit that the girl figures out I’m lying, at which point when she thinks back through the conversation she won’t know at what point my truth stopped and my lies began.

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