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Normal Well-Dressed

Normal well-dressed is the term we use for style that makes you look great and doesn’t specifically lead a new woman you meet down the road of judging you as a particular type of guy.  

Think:  Classic good looking style, regular guy on tv, going to church guy, or just generally socially acceptable guy.

When you choose to go with a normal, well-dressed look, it’s because you either don’t fit into any sexy stereotypes based on your ethnicity or maybe your body size or shape.  You might also choose to go normal well-dressed because you’re still figuring out your identity.  You might even go with normal well-dressed because you love classically great style and you don’t need to be a stereotype.

Here are some examples of Normal Well-Dressed:

I’d like you to notice that with this specific example of normal well-dressed that there is a complete lack of showpieces, making the outfits appear somewhat bland.  Remember that instead of having tons of showpieces:

The focus of normal well-dressed it to have clean, great-fitting pieces that work well together.

It’s important to understand how pieces can work well together so that you can choose great outfits for yourself, so here are some things I look for when I’m choosing a great outfit:

  1.  Perfect fit – I didn’t say it fits okay, I said PERFECT.  Notice in the pictures above that nothing is hanging, droopy, too long, too short, sloppy looking, etc.  The clothes you choose should also accentuate the best features of your body and hide the worst ones.
  1. High Quality Items – Listen, just because something is new from Target doesn’t mean it’s high quality.  When it comes to clothing, you really do often get what you pay for, so please don’t be afraid to spend some dough.  Personally, my motto is if it’s THE right item, spend whatever it takes.  Personally, I’ll save up money for outfits that I can’t put together right away, because i’ve learned over the years that image & visibility are everything.  I cannot overstate this.  How you look and who sees you looking that way are often far more important than what you say when you open your mouth because of the halo effect.
  1. Complimentary Colors – Generally you’ll either be doing something in black/white/grey tones or you’ll be doing something in earthier tones.  If you’re doing a hip-hop look then bright and interesting color play will be something you like to play with.  Regardless of the look, the colors you use should compliment each other well.
  1. Clean and Fresh – The items of clothing you’re wearing shouldn’t be dirty or look old.  Yes, you can have everyday items that get all messed up, but when you’re going out to meet women you should be at your very best!  So keep at least one outfit fresh and new-looking so that when you go out you can be elite.
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