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Negative Response

I think getting a really negative response from a woman is even more difficult to deal with than when you get no response from a woman, because a negative response is often harsh and very challenging to get past.

The most important rule to remember when you’re addressing a negative text from a girl is not to become submissive to her.  In other words, just because she’s mad, angry, upset, bitch, etc. doesn’t mean you should quell the situation by remaining positive.  In fact, the opposite is true.  When a woman is negative towards you, you’ll often have to mirror her negativity and often be a little more negative than she was if you plan on challenging her back in order to come out on the right side of things.

Calibration during negativity is tough, so try your best not to be bitter, angry, or guilt-trippy towards the girl because these don’t work!  It’s best to remain calm and emotionally unaffected.  Think about what would mirror her negativity and also be challenging for her to deal with.  Often the text you send can accomplish both of these goals by somehow challenging the validity of her “test” (if that’s what she’s doing) or by reframing what she has said to you.  It’s possible that her idea of what happened or is happening can be altered, and that’s likely going to be the way to see your way though this difficult scenario.

Remember, even though the text you’ve received is negative, she’s still texting you!  She had the option of just “ghosting” you forever by not texting you back, and she chose not to take that option.


Often when a woman texts something negative, it’s because she has a hidden agenda.  Find out what that agenda is with you and you’re well on your way to figuring out how to get through the situation you’re in.  If you can get through negative situations and texts from women, they’re often going to be massively attracted to you as a result, making your efforts well worth it in the long run.

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