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Meeting Up

The premise of the closer is that you don’t really feel like going “out out” tonight, so you’d rather chill and grab some takeout, cook at home, and enjoy a bottle of wine.  This is something that is perfectly fine to try and do as soon as possible with a girl, even on the first date, however I feel it works best on a second or third date to close the deal.  If you want there to be sufficient buildup of tension that the sex really solidifies that you two really like each other, then I would encourage you to wait till date number 3 to try and have sex with the girl anyways, so this will be timed perfectly in that regard.

The “closer” date is a specific attempt to implicitly handle the logistics of getting the girl to your house via the activity that you’re doing.  In other words, if you’re cooking and starting a new “binge watch” on Netflix together, that has to happen at a house, and when you get to that house you’re already in a place where you could have sex.  This eliminates the need to get this girl to bounce from a date spot to go to your house, which she’ll often be skeptical about.  In this case we’re just using the attraction and comfort we’ve built already to get her to comply to just coming over directly to your house.

It’s worth noting here also that since these logistics are all handled implicitly with your date choice, the way you meet up, choose to get food, maybe hit the grocery store, and how you pick her up (or don’t) doesn’t really matter at all.  If you’re trying to get laid on a team building date then you might want to have the girl meet you at your place first and you might want to use the logical reason that your house is right next to the place and that’s why we should meet here.  Meanwhile, you know that where you start the date is often where you’ll end it, so starting at your place means there’s a solid shot to end there.  Again though, you won’t need all this planning when you schedule a closer-style date.

Make sense?

So for you speed-racers out there who are using this for a first date, I assure you that there will be a percentage of girls (around 50%, maybe more depending on your level of skill) who are not comfortable coming over to your place for a first date.  When this is the case and you’re offering this date up, be ready to handle objections.  The most common will be some version of “I’m not sure I’m comfortable coming over to your place on our first date.”  When this happens, it means that her guard is now up.  You’ve taken some risk in asking her on a closer date very early, and now that it hasn’t panned out and her guard is up, you’re going to have to go on at least one date where you don’t try to have sex with her, just to make up for that.  Try to have sex with her on the first date and you’re going to realize quite quickly that her guard is strong.  Never fear though, you still have a small shot to close it and if it doesn’t happen on the first date, the second or third often will work.

For those of you guys arranging the closer as your third date, you won’t have to deal with all of these objections to coming over to your house because you’ve already done the “society recommended and acceptable” two dates beforehand.  Now even if she’s a girl who has in her head that “I won’t have sex until date number 5” she’s still going to rationalize in her head that it’s okay to go to your place, and it’s still likely you can seal the deal because… wait for it… “it just happened.”

Ahhh, the elegance of it all…

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