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Sorry I know these last couple videos are getting dark.  At the time I didn’t realize exactly how dark, and rather than have a different train of thought on a separate day, I want to include these videos for continuity.

That said, there are two choices for the makeout here.  If it’s your first date and you haven’t kissed yet, remember that you’ll be kissing a little bit, then waiting, then kissing a little bit more to lead into your makeout.  However, if this is your second date and you have kissed this girl before, then you’ll probably at this point just go into a makeout.

Don’t forget!  During this makeout you want to get to the point where it seems like you both want to start escalating to sex.  Don’t makeout quickly and just leave, give this makeout a chance to start heating things up between the two of you.  This is also why it’s great to have chosen a darker spot maybe in the corner of a place for your pool game (if you at all can choose your table), because now you’ve got some alone time in a dark place and it’s not so obvious to those around that you’re having a somewhat heavy makeout in a public place.

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