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How To Get The Most Out Of This Action Plan

Here is how to get the most out of your Flawless Texting Action Plan:

  1.  Watch this tutorial in full
  1. Continue filling up your “Funnel” with tons of women’s phone numbers
  1. Text the women in your phone using the strategy here (just do your best)
  1. Post screenshots of your text message conversations on the Girlfriend Fastlane Forum
  1. Get feedback from me and read the feedback other students have gotten from their posted screenshots
  1. Contact me if you’d like my help texting (or not losing) a girl, or for any additional explanations

Again, if you’d like further help with texting and you’d like to have personal help from me, you can literally send screenshots of your conversations to my phone and I’ll tell you what to say and we can talk about what you’re doing and how to get better.  If you’re interested in this you can simply email me jake@girlfriendfastlane.com and we can get you started.  You can also checkout the “Extras” section of the website where I offer a 5 hour block of phone coaching at a discounted rate.

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