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How To Get The Most Out Of This Action Plan

The best way to get the most out of this Action Plan is to watch the whole tutorial then make the decision that you’re going to try doing some comfort game with every girl that you meet until you’re confident in this part of your game.

Now you’re not going to get all the way though attraction and logistics with every girl you meet obviously, so the idea is just to do comfort game each time you get to that stage of the conversation instead of cutting the conversation short because when the girl has bad logistics.

Once you’ve got comfort game “down” and you’re comfortable creating commonalities and bridging to dates, then you can go back to not doing comfort when a girl has bad logistics.

Again, the reason why we normally don’t do comfort when a girl has bad logistics is that it’s often more prudent to use the short few hours we have at night or during the day to fill up our funnel instead of sitting down and talking at length to every woman we meet.

So, for now do comfort all the time with any woman you can, and later when you’ve got it down and you feel confident in your ability, that’s the time to ditch it when a girl has bad logistics.  Remember, you can always do comfort later via text if you feel the need or you run into objections from the girl.

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