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Having Boyfriend Potential

The fourth, final, and most important dating scenario to understand is one that can happen after sex where the woman categorizes you as having the potential to be a boyfriend.

So what makes a guy boyfriend potential for a woman?

A man who has boyfriend potential is showing very little to no eagerness verbally with the girl he’s dating and he’s seeing her and sleeping with her just enough that she knows he does want to see her.

The result is a situation where the woman seeks to be on her best behavior with the man so that she can garner more of his attention and compliance.  Again, I recommend seeing the girl once a week or three times every two weeks at the most to create this effect, and when you see the girl you should be sleeping with her if possible.  The result is:

You reach a state of seeing each other regularly enough that there is potential to be in a relationship if you want to, however you’re not seeing each other enough that she would think it prudent to try and force you into a relationship.

In other words, when you’re hanging out once a week a woman won’t try and pressure you into a relationship because she’ll reason that such a “talk” might make you wanna go away.  It’s still just too soon for a relationship in her mind, because your actions haven’t unknowingly communicated to her that you want a relationship.  However, in her mind there is potential for one in the future… just not yet.

Boyfriend potential means that you have the ability to possibly be a boyfriend, but you also have the potential to stay a hookup, and by only seeing the girl once a week you have put yourself in the perfect position to either start hanging out more (if you want her to start pressing you to be in a relationship) or to maintain consistency in hanging out if you’re not ready for a relationship yet.

The choice is yours.  

Remember, if you’re sleeping with a woman three times per week then you won’t have a choice as to whether or not you’re having a relationship talk, she’s going to bring it up.  In fact, usually it’s going to happen sometime in the first month of this much sexual contact, simply because women think they are whore or a slut if they’re having that much sex without commitment.  You will literally have triggered the woman to pressure you into a relationship.

The opposite is true when only seeing a woman once per week.  When this is the case, she’ll reason that she might push you away if she has “the talk,” or she’ll reason that “you’re both just not quite there yet.”  This means that instead of her pushing you to be in a relationship 4-6 weeks into sleeping together, you’ll often be able to push this out to happening much later, like perhaps 6 months into your sexual relationship or even as far as the one year mark, which in my opinion and experience is about the furthest you’ll be able to go.  At that point generally a woman will just move on because you’ll be reaching unattainable status.

So why does this work?

The reason that women respond so well to lack of eagerness verbally and only minimal eagerness via your actions is because the tension and confusion that result make the woman want to work for you more in order to win more compliance and attention from you.

A woman’s dream is to win the attention and commitment of a high value, dominant man.

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