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Go With The Flow

No matter how much planning and preparation you do, there’s always the chance that when you offer up your plans to a girl that she’s going to want to change them for whatever reason.  When this happens it’s important to go with the flow and try to be cool with whatever direction the night goes in.  It’s also important to immediately start figuring out your closing logistics the second you actually know where you’re going.

Remember also that even when plans change and state breaks happen and your night doesn’t workout, it’s still not the end of the world and just because you didn’t get laid this night doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Patience is a virtue.

“But Jake, I don’t have patience.”

I’m happy you said that, because I’m super impatient as well.  You know what the remedy is for impatience?  Filling up your funnel!  If your date ends at 11pm and logistics didn’t work out, then get your buns to the bar and continue filling up your funnel by talking to more women.  This way when a girl cancels on you or your logistics don’t workout, you’ve got more women to either call up that night or schedule a date with for the next night when you know it’ll still be too soon for you to go out with the same girl again.  In this manner, you don’t have to be the single guy with one prospect who is obsessing over every little “move” your prospective girl makes.

But back to going with the flow.  You always wanna be a guy who is up for anything, so when plans change it should never be a big deal to you.  If you really don’t like something she wants to do (think gay bar, lol), you can always tell her you’d rather not go there and both of you can adjust accordingly…

In the end, if you don’t get laid it’s okay.  Really, it is.  After all, if she likes you then she’ll schedule another date, so basically you have verifiable proof at that point that she’s down for further action and to be escalated more in the future.  So please chill… it’ll happen.  In the meantime, keep working on other women so that you’re not hyper focused on this one.

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