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Get Out of the House

Getting out of the house is my favorite income stream for meeting women for one simple reason:  It has yielded me BY FAR the best results in my dating life.  When you’re meeting people in person you skip many of the hurdles in place that keep you from meeting women using online dating.  A woman doesn’t have to “swipe you” first and then you’re not required to message her a bunch and ask her out just to meet her.  When you meet someone in person, you simply walk up and start talking!  Also, when you walk up and start talking, she’s not talking to and messaging with 100 other guys like she might be online, so you get an in-person chance to show off your personality and charisma.

Showing off your personality in person to a woman is a HUGE advantage for you if you believe you’re not the best looking guy and you don’t have great pictures to put online.  The reality of online dating is that women simply don’t give a lot of men chances at dating them.  They simply give your first picture about a one second chance and then say yes or no.  In person however, they’ll often give you a few minutes of their time, and for those of you who aren’t the best looking men and who want to date an extremely hot woman, meeting her in person is definitely the way to go.

So it’s my advice to you to find populated places, events, and happenings to attend where people are gathered together for any reason at all.  These are great places to walk up to others and meet them!  If you’re reading this right now and wondering what you might say or how to walk up to a group, i’m going to go over all of that in explicit detail in the “How to Meet Her!” Action Plan, so if you have upgraded your Girlfriend Fastlane Membership and you’re wondering what to say, you’ll find all the tips and tricks i’ve developed in the past 10 years right there.  If you haven’t signed up you   can upgrade your membership by clicking here.  And!  Even if you’re not a guy who knows exactly what to say yet when you talk to people, it’s still important that you take action on this income stream immediately regardless of what you say.

You know, for me it’s been tough to get in-shape all my life and to regularly exercise, so my single goal and only goal for exercising is to put myself and my body in the place where I exercise.  Whatever happens from there I don’t care.  I just do what I can and I put myself in the place where success could happen.

I challenge you to do the same thing when it comes to getting out of the house.  Even if you’re a guy who is afraid to talk to women or you don’t think you’ll have a good time, I would encourage you just to put yourself in the place where things could happen.  This is a great first step, and who knows, you could just be standing there and a beautiful woman could bump into you and start a conversation with you!  As wild as that possibility may sound, I can assure you with 100% certainty that it will not happen if you’re at home.  So get your buns out to a social place today!

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