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Gender Role Reversal

A gender role reversal is where you act in a way that a woman would obviously act.  You can even use a girly voice.  For instance, let’s say that you know it’s a common thing for women to want to be eco-friendly and you want to make that into a role reversal.  If you’re talking to a girl, you might say something like “Well, because i’m so like, good with the environment, I drive a prius and I recycle and shit, and that makes me better than you.”

Make sense?

The idea is to just act like a girl would act in a given scenario because it communicates that you understand how women act and how dumb they can be sometimes.  You’re also communicating this in a creative and funny way.  This is a great way to attract women because besides the humor aspect it also shows some preselection in that if you know how women commonly act, it must be because you hang around them a lot.  And, if you hang around women a lot it must be because women accept you and spend a lot of time around you and this means that you’re a cool guy and you’re probably attractive.

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