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Full Travel Strategy

So let’s say you meet a girl and she’s attracted to you and so you get her logistics and you find out that she’s with 3 friends and they all came in the same car.  It’s 10pm.

What do you do?

Well, to figure out the answer to that, let’s think about what might happen if you stick around with her.  First off, it’s 10pm so by bar hours this is early.  Many times girls will be out at bars till 2am or later in some cities, so this means you’ve got 4 hours before this girl might leave the bar.  So what would likely happen is you could stick around with this girl until 2 am, at which time she would have to leave with her friends, all in the same car.

Could you get her number?


You could hangout with the girl all night long for 4 hours, then at the end of the night you could get her number… or she could say no too, we don’t know yet.  A total strikeout is definitely possible.

Could you take her home and have sex with her?

Gooooooood luck!  The odds are this isn’t going to happen, because the girls aren’t likely to want their friend to go home with a random guy, even if you did meet 4 hours ago.  Instead, they’re likely going to require her to get in the car and go with them.

This means that by staying with a girl who you meet at 10pm and you find out is full-travel, you’re taking a pretty big risk.  You’re betting your entire nights “work” that you’re going to get this girl’s phone number or be able to overcome her cock-blocking friends and take her home.  So if on a normal night you’re doing a lot of working on your skill set, learning, getting numbers, finding other women who could have better logistics and could have sex with you, etc., now you’re going to bet all of that progress on a situation where you have a very low chance of getting this girl to go home with you.  You might not even get a number at the end of the night!

So why not just ask her for her number now?

To me, this seems like the smart play.  When you meet a girl with full travel dependency and it’s early in the night, your best bet is to just take her number and move onto the next girl you’re going to talk to.  In this manner, you’ve now saved 4 hours that you can use to talk to other women who might be more available for that night.  After all, since you’re going to be great at gathering logistics from this girl, you already know what she’s going to be doing when she leaves the bar that night, so if she’s got something else going on or you do, then you can always call or text her later.

This means that there is literally almost no benefit to spending a lot of time with a girl who is fully travel dependent on her friends.  

I will offer one exception to this, and that exception is when you have equal numbers of guys and girls AND some of the girls definitely like some of the guys.  So if the girl has 3 friends and you happen to have 3 guy friends, then since you’ve got a 4-on-4 situation, you’re in good shape!  Do you wanna spend 4 hours with the girls?  Well, likely not still, but if it’s 1:30am, then this would be definitely a situation that I would go for, because you’ve got a great shot of getting all of the 8 of you to some type of after party.

Ideally, you would all be coupled up and two of you would head with two of the girls in one vehicle, and the other two girls would come with the other two guys in another vehicle.  If you’re in Las Vegas and neither of your groups have transportation, it’s going to be well worth the extra money to just get a quick limo and put all 8 of you in there instead of doing two cabs.

Are you starting to get the hang of this logistics stuff?

So let’s recap:  Full travel means she can be with 1 or more friends and they came to the bar together, so they’re likely leaving together.  Since they’re leaving together, if you want to try to take them home, you’ll need equal numbers of men and women.  This could mean that if you’re alone that you find a guy for the friend, or if her friend likes your friend (or friends depending on the numbers) that you’re golden.

Time is important.  If it’s 10pm you’re not going to want to waste your whole night on a girl who is full travel.  Instead, when you find out she’s full travel just get her number and get out of there so you don’t waste your time.  If it’s 1:30 am and she’s got bad logistics like this, then it may be just your best bet to give it a shot anyways and see if you can do something.

Traveling is important.  If you’ve got 4 guys and 4 girls, split the traveling up!  Literally you should be directing drunk people telling them what to do.  I’d be like “Alright who’s driving this car? Okay you go with Rob, cindy and derek you guys jump in there too and me and Bob will take Shaniqua and Shequila.”

Got it?  Make decisions and direct people.  This is your duty to handle these things so that you have the highest chance of success.  The last thing you wanna be doing is jerking each other off in your Hyundai Sonata while 4 girls are together deciding they don’t wanna be sluts and they’re tired and “Linda is on the rag so we shouldn’t” or blah blah blah.

Get the information, make a decision about it, then execute.  Go all-in.  Direct people and tell them what to do.  I cannot stress this enough.

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