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Comfort solidifies the attraction that is building up in the woman and opportunity to show a woman “real” or genuine side of you.  

If you’re in the place where you’re still not getting a high response rate from the phone numbers you’re getting and it still seems like girls aren’t really connecting with you, it could be because the girl doesn’t feel comfortable with you yet. She might not know a lot about you from the conversation you had with her, and as a result when she thinks about going out with you she has a bunch of unanswered questions that keep her from logically coming to the conclusion that she should go out with you.

If this is the case with you, then you should really start focusing on your comfort game to try and increase your response rate from the women whose phone numbers you get and then subsequently text later.

Establishing rapport with someone and getting comfortable with them is something that generally people are good with doing.  The problem is that most men try to be comfortable with a women when they first meet her, and because the woman usually isn’t attracted to you right when you walk up to her, she doesn’t really care about you enough to be interested in learning about your life.  This is why we do comfort AFTER a woman gets attracted, not before.

After a woman is attracted to you she’ll often want and need to establish comfort and rapport with you.  

When you engage in rapport building, establishing comfort, and building commonalities, it leads to a more solid number close.   In other words, you’ll get more responses when you text women, and more of those texting conversations will lead to dates for you because the woman can logically deduce that you’re a good choice for her.

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