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Many guys don’t realize that most every guy has the ability to attract more than one girl per night.  Think about that for a second!  If you’ve seen the material on Baseline Numbers then you know that if you approach 10 women in a night, you should get about 4 of them attracted to you.  This goes for beginners and experts alike.

Has this sunk in with you yet?

You can go out tonight, get 3 warmup approaches done, then approach 10 girls, and you should be able to get 4 of those girls attracted to you!

Over a decade ago when I took my first dating workshop as a student, this one particular concept blew my mind because up until that point I had thought that when you meet a girl you should stick around with her as long as possible.  Well, of course when you stick around with a girl all night, several bad things can happen, the worst one being she could just leave at the end of the night without giving you her phone number.  Then you’ve just wasted your entire evening for nothing when you could have talked to more women, grown your skill set, and maximized your chances of filling up your funnel.

Logistics gathering is the process where you figure out who the girl came with, how they got there, what they’re doing when they leave, etc.  When we know a woman’s logistical information, then we can make a better decision about how much time to spend with her and why.  We also can use the information we get to start formulating a plan of action for what will happen at the end of our interaction with the girl.

As you might be able to imagine, logistics is an extremely important topic!  Over the course of a few years of going out and meeting women, logistics gathering can save you hundreds or thousands of hours of time and also get you laid hundreds of times, so listen up!  This tutorial is a great one!

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