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Attraction can be one of the most confusing topics in dating, and people always seem to get mislead by the dating community on how it works, so in this tutorial I’m going to go over 3 strategies for getting girls attracted to you.  If you’re a beginner you’ll use the attraction routines strategy, if you’re at an intermediate skill level you can graduate to using a more “natural” conversational style to get girls attracted to you, and if you’re an advanced guy you can work on mastery of dominance using my personal favorite, dominance struggles.

No matter how good you get with attracting women, your baseline results that we talked about still apply!  In other words, getting good at attracting women means that the women you do attract will be more into you and the attraction will happen more easily.  Getting good at attraction does NOT mean that 10 out of 10 women will like you!

So… buckle your seatbelts and lets get going!

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