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From The Author

Hey Guys, Jake P. here again.

So I know you’re thinking “Huh?  Another About The Author Section, why?!?”  Well, each Action Plan here is different, and I think before taking anyones advice you should have a great idea of the skill level of the person teaching you.  Is that person actually qualified to be teaching?

It’s important that you scrutinize your teachers so that you don’t mess yourself up by believing someone who simply isn’t an expert in their field.  And as you may know already, there are a HUGE amount of bullshit-artists out there.  I happen to think I’m not one and here’s a bit about me so that you can make your own judgement before believing what I say.

First off, and most importantly, I’ve probably done somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 approaches, possibly more.

Let’s do the math:

When I was starting out approaching in 2007 I was doing about 10 approaches a night 5 nights a week.  That’s about 250 a month, and that adds up to somewhere around 3000 approaches in my first year… and that was before I was coaching.

When I got to Los Angeles to begin coaching, I estimate that I was doing about 15-25 approaches a night for about 3-4 nights a week, or about 180-400 a month.  If you take a light estimate of 50 approaches a week (many weeks I easily do 100+), that’s about 2500 per year… and that doesn’t include any daytime approaches at all!

10 years times about 2500 a year is 25,000 approaches, and that’s why I think 15,000 -20,000 is a fair and conservative estimate.

Suffice it to say, I’m completely addicted to learning about women and learning about the dating process, and it’s been my passion in life 100% without question.

More on my history.

Again, I don’t say these things to brag, I say them so that you can judge my qualifications for yourself.  It’s my goal to be open and honest with you about my level of skill (which you’re about to get a glimpse of in this Action Plan and the Actions Plans that follow).

Many of you know that I took my first workshop with a guy named Brad P.  At the time of my workshop with Brad he was virtually unknown.  He had signed an affiliate coaching deal with LoveSystems, a known dating company.  Shortly after my hiring as an Assistant Instructor, Brad was announced as being the number one dating instructor in the world.  When he and I would go to speak and teach at LoveSystems “Super Conferences,” I personally witnessed most all the instructors sitting in the front row taking notes while he explained his techniques.

As a beginning instructor for Brad, I carried favor quite quickly because of the opinions of students whom I had taught and what they had seen me do over and over in person, right in front of their eyes.  You see, during these workshops we were known for doing demonstrations of our abilities, or “demos” as we called them.  My demos were so good that Brad quickly promoted me into a Head Coach position where I would lead workshops, taking my assistant instructor or instructors and as many as 10 students into a bar where I would literally prove my worth at the beginning of each workshop by hitting on women with all of the guys watching me, right there.

I literally had to prove my skill set right in front of students each and every time I taught, and I boast a 100% success rate at doing this.  I still do this today in my live trainings.  

Yes, I am human and I didn’t have a perfect result with every single girl I talked to, however, you can also read plenty of reviews online from over the years of spectacular things that people have seen me do.  To be honest, I’m not even proud of a lot of them, lol.  Many of you guys reading this are probably thinking “I was there!”  because you attended one of these workshops years ago in places like New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, etc.

So I moved to Hollywood and Brad was teaching me daily as we worked together on creating a live-in training program where students would come and live in a house in Hollywood for one year (or often more when the person didn’t want to leave).  My skill level was growing immensely during this intense period of constant coaching and going out in Hollywood, and Brad started telling me things like:

“I’d put your game up against anyone’s in the world.”

It’s crazy to start hearing (after only approaching and coaching for a couple years) that you could be one of the best guys in the world, lemme tell you.  So the Mansion program grew and grew and guys loved it.  The program ended up resulting in 3 different houses, many many student’s lives changed, and over 7 years of constant teaching experience for me.  The mansion program and the business were so successful for Brad and I that we started branching off into other businesses and life activities.  Brad took some personal time to explore his life’s goals, and if I was to continue coaching, it was time for me to go off on my own and start my own thing.

Because I was known amongst my students as a guy who can take your phone and get you dates “out of nowhere” using just texting, I was asked by the last group of mansion students to write a book on texting, which I did… all 200 pages or so of it.  I called my book “Flawless Texting” and launched my first website www.FlawlessTexting.com.

Upon the launch of my new book and website, I quickly learned that I needed to offer more to students, so I almost immediately began hatching a plan to launch the website that you’re on right now, The Girlfriend Fastlane.

So here we are, at Action Plan number 3 (for me).  I’m 10 years and 15,000+ approaches into my career, and I truly believe I’m one of the very best guys in the whole world to be teaching you this stuff.  People say you become an “expert” after spending 10,000 hours at something, and I can’t begin to imagine the countless amounts of hours I’ve spent to bring you this website and this Action Plan, right here.

You’re personally about to benefit from about a decade of approaching experience.

Although I think you’ll find that some of the things in here you might have heard of, the majority of this stuff is very new and different, and it’s because of my quest to always ask “why” about everything.

So here’s the beginning of what’s taken me a decade or more to learn.  I certainly hope you enjoy and cherish it much the way I do.

I promise you that if you use the information that follows and you immerse yourself into this process that your life will be forever changed.  Success far beyond what you can imagine is right around the corner.    


Jake P.

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