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Storytelling isn’t a skill that most people have mastered.  When we tell stories, we often bore people, lose their interest, add too many details, and generally turn women off.  We can even unknowingly telegraph to women that we’re a low-value guy through what we say, making the choice to tell a story a dubious one.

My first exposure to storytelling was in the workshop I took over a decade ago.  We learned some of the same basics in storytelling and with those basics I started shaping a few of my own stories.  Soon after I was shaping the stories of of those I taught in workshops.  Students would write out their story, tell it, and then I would tell them their story back in the way that I might tell it to others if it was my story.  For an added effect, when we got to the bar and I started doing my demonstration approaches for the students, I would often tell my modified version of the student’s story to a girl in front of me.  Not only does this “wow” the student, but he also gets to see the reaction his story should have on the women he’s about to approach.

Fast forward 10 years or more and now I find myself storytelling all the time, and I’ve learned that it’s possible to use stories for a wide variety of purposes, including (but not limited to) raising my value, getting women attracted, communicating social status, preemptively striking common woman behaviors that I would like to avoid in my relationships, or even just for humor and to have a good laugh.

Storytelling is a versatile skill, and it’s one that I hope you put some effort into learning.  When you learn the format for storytelling that I’m going to teach you here, I think you’ll find out that storytelling is an asset that you’ll be happy you developed.

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