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Do The Activity

When you’re about to do your activity for the night, remember that all your “setup” type activities are great opportunities to establish some teasing and beginning teamwork.  For instance, when you’re grabbing shoes or bowling balls you have a lot of opportunities to tease and make jokes.  You can talk about how the shoes fit, what they smell like, who might’ve worn them before you, what they would look like in an outfit, how you wanna wear them to the bar, etc.  You can also talk about how the bowling balls are nasty (get it?  Nasty balls…. lol), how they’re greasy, what color they are, what color she chose and why, etc.

Once you’ve gotten setup, remember that your agenda is to re-establish (and then escalate) kino.  The end goal is of course making out (if you haven’t already), and to accomplish that you’ll need to establish touch, escalate it, then get closer together, then makeout.  This means that you should start this process at the beginning of the date so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable later to start touching when you’ve already gone an hour without it.

The start of the activity is also a great time to make a friendly bet with the girl.  I like to bet that “whoever loses the game has to cook dinner for the other person the next time we hangout… if we decide we want to hangout again.”  And I’ll say it just like that.  Now, will I actually make the girl cook me dinner?  No of course not.  We’ll cook together, I just want this to be a bet so I can use it as a socially dominant position later.  For instance, I might say something like “Well I hope you don’t throw our relationship down the gutter like you did the other night with the balls at the bowling alley,” or “Mmmm, I can already taste the Filet Mignon you’re gonna cook for me… it’s delicious.”  Notice also that these statements are great platforms for continued dominance struggling and teasing (maintenance attraction).  This is not an accident.

Also remember that the times when you split apart from her physically to go and shoot and then come back close to each other after are a great platform for kino escalation.  Maybe the first time the girl comes back from a shot you say nice shot or way to get it started or whatever, then as you progress through the date you end up getting closer and closer.  Maybe you stand up over her once kind of close then you go and take your shot, and the next time it happens maybe you bring her in close and hold her hands in front of you while you say something to her.  The third time you get closer maybe you kiss, which is what we’re going to talk about in the next video.

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