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Decide What Time To Text Her

To decide what time of day to text a girl you should first think about what a normal day might look like for her.  The biggest clue to this is to find out what she does for a living, so try and get this information from her sometime in your first interaction with her.  If you can also find out (in a non-creepy way) what days she normally works, even better.  This way you don’t have to guess later when to send your first text.

In addition to knowing her work schedule, it’s important to understand that the time of day you text a girl can communicate information even when that information is not contained in your actual text message.  For instance:

1. If you text a woman at a time when most people are waking up in the morning, it will likely communicate that you were thinking about her when you woke up.

2. If you text a woman on a Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening, she might expect you to be texting to ask her out for that night.

3. If you text a woman for the first time when most people are falling asleep, it can communicate that you view her as someone who might be able to meet up late at night for sex (a.k.a a booty call).

A Special Rule about Friday and Saturday

Because Friday and Saturday nights are often set aside as the normal nights that people go out to party, it’s likely that on one or both of these nights the women you’re planning on asking out could have plans already. For this reason, I recommend texting her no later than 3:30pm if you plan on asking her out that night. This gives her a chance to change her plans if she’s excited about seeing you and really wants to go out on a date with you.

When you text her before 3:30pm on a Friday, you also avoid interrupting her during all of the things she might be doing right after she gets out of work at 5pm, like running errands, eating, showering, and getting ready for whatever plans she might have. In addition to this, at 3pm she might be bored at work and therefore more willing to text you, whereas after work when she’s running errands she could be in a frantic or overwhelmed state of mind, making her much less likely to return your text. Remember, we’re talking about sending the woman the first text after your original verification text, when it’s somewhat obvious that you’ll end up asking her on a date and you really don’t know her well enough to make a better judgement about when to text than the one we’ve made here. When you’re in a relationship with a woman, texting her after 3:30pm can obviously be a very normal thing to do.

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