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Confused Response

Getting a response from a girl that tells you she’s confused about what you said is something that you’ll encounter from time to time.  For instance, maybe you try to role play with a girl and she takes your role play seriously and doesn’t get it.  It’s also common to get a confused response when spellcheck changes a word on you that you don’t see before you hit the send button, and sometimes you’re going to be texting foreign women who might not understand english all that well and could need a further explanation.  In all of these cases, I usually just drop the “gamey” stuff and just be normal and frank to the girl, because she has texted you back and therefore is interested.

Since “normal” might not be something I’ve communicated well, what I mean by being normal is just to take the steps to get a date in a very straightforward manner.  For instance, if a girl is foreign and replies to me in a manner that tells me she doesn’t understand, I might just say “Oh sorry that’s not a big deal.  I was just texting you to see if you wanted to meet up for a drink this week.”  Make things simple for her by just explaining what you meant.

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